Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Its not even out of testing

hello, have you heard of IRIS-T? Who needs better AIM-9s when you have that?

you are way to late to that topic, he was told that already, generaly i wouldnt answer to anything that is more to 1 day old.

Exception if he specialy wrote you

Hold up, wait a minute.

I just read through the new “passed to developers” list.

The Mitsubishi F-15J was one of them.

If it was just now passed for consideration, then we know for certain it won’t come this december?

Does that also mean we’re less likely to see any F-15 at all, for any nation?

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where do you see that list?

The MIG 29G suggestion was accepted after the Mig 29G got released, just because they forgot accepting it earlier lol


Didn’t get passed in the old forums though ?

No idea

Why would Sweden get Dutch vehicles? If anything the Dutch should be used to get some CV90s into the German tree, for some better light vehicles at high tier if Gaijin wont add a proper Puma or Boxer. The Dutch ground forces are actually under German command.


Think it was I will check late :),

is really don’t care :D

Germany does need Dutch vehicles


Damn, so was that a rare mistake, or are the passed to developers lists always so unreliable?

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no idea , its just the only one i am aware of



Mikoyan MiG-29G - NATO’s very own Fulcrum

i would argue the air branch is more intresting for germany with AH 64 and F16 since the IFVS arent realy needed but taking sth from sweden would feel good for once as well

any good ideas when we might see the first devblogs? should be too long now, right?

No, there have been vehicles passed for consideration that were added in the following patch.

Maybe low chance tmw/today depending on time zone, bust modt likely next week

Tomorrow at earliest. If not Tuesday next week.