Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

I aint going to Argue with that cause i see that as good reasoning, tho i also think fully domestic viechelse will cause less disputes, tho i would be fine with that, and if it is added, i may get some inspiration to go down brittian faster

Whole point of the vehicle legit was just used to show of the turret tbh…

That is why i am in the middle on it, because they are showing off a part and has used something diffrent as a placeholder

Eh, theres similar things that can be added to sweden such as the Patria CV9035 turret

It’s not some AIM-54 with 35G pull tho. They have worse range than AIM-7M…

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To be fair. My only “top tier” jets i have are Viggens and they have no fancy things like US and Russia have

Or patria with bmp turret, tbh since booth the turret is from sweeden and the hull is from finland the only dispute i can see with that is what flag it would carry, outside that i dont see a problem, but when the hull and turrets are from diffrent nations(Ig that is) i am unshure what will happen, i aint against it, like if the US would have chosen to go with the CV90 when they had their bradly replacement thing, i would undertand if they were to get one, aslong as it had some uneque ness to it(Be it a diffrent wariant or canon size)

Wasnt the BMP like algeria or something like that?

for now, but that is the sad truth, other than being Dubble Delta’s

What i would love to see for Sweden is other Draken versions. Hell some would be amazing CAS for those BRs

i have no clue, i just saw it was sugested to go to sweeden in a sugestion to be added

Why i see a lots of Thailand sub-tt things? And to who it would go? Japan?

Thailand sub tree again something is fishy here

Japan got to be

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UAE it was designed for them…



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Japan do be gripping their seats

A35DK when (the first F-35 >:)

intresting, i only knew that it exsisted tho not who it was for