Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Multiple airfields, some closer some further would be nice.

Maybe staged like they are in low-tier RB spawns so strike planes get the close airfields, and everyone else gets to pick between mid and far

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There is technically the Boxer overwatch, buuuut that fires brimstones out the side, so wouldn’t really work for WT

Yea for me I miss smaller map as people mainly go for the fur ball but not me I side climb until like 32K then boom and zoom I used to get like 1 or 2 kill with the A-5C per match.

I think it was mentioned somewhere that the Devs were testing out the AMRAAM, perhaps its from one of such test sessions? i dont know how they test it, but maybe


We do have wheeled ifvs

Well, here’s FV721 Fox.

Look at it! It’s so adorable.

I’ll just leave this link here in case you’re interested (no pressure)


Is it just me or does that look like its built off the AML

From what I know this was a continuation of recon cars like Ferret and Saladin. To be fair, since AML was produced roughly 5 years prior, the designers of Fox could have known about it.

Still, I don’t think it’s a blatant copy, rather a case of convergent evolution.

When your requirements are the same, like needing a small turreted 4x4 armored recon car, then maybe this is just how a good design will end up looking like.


The Patria one do be questioneble who it would go to

Wdym its a british development… finland legit had nothing to do with it…

There are numerous other Patria variants which could go in the Finnish subtree, but also the UK could just get the Boxer with the LMUK turret which would be the same thing. Although the main thing separating this Patria from others is the British turret. I dunno so long as Britain gets either it shouldn’t matter.


Just cos the hull is finnish dlesnt mean they had a part to play making it, its a side project by lockheed when they were making the warrior csp.

Was made to show off rhe CSP turret in an export setting…

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Humvees with them. Strykers.

Boxer with javelins

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British Boxer

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Cute, but look at this cute one too !



Or 2x20mm
or 60mm mortar + 20mm
Or a fatter 90mm!
Or maxi missiles !

We don’t have enough AML ! :p


I… I need that last one


I atcually want them as they look lovely

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First pic…

That I love, absolutely love.


HS 831 30mm would be magical on an AML chassis. (Same gun as Falcon SPAA)


Huh… 90mm low profile turret.

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