Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

ER’s and ET’s were transferred in shipments for the Su-27SK along with the KH-29’s (used on the JH-7 and possibly Q-5) somewhere around 1988/89. Impossible not to add them.

The better question is when did the J-11 get integrated with the PL-8?

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At least I’m the well kept brick who isn’t about to fall any minute

i do wonder if theyll add btr 4 this update

hey by that argument the brits should also get the Staghound, borehound and the M22 because the US may have made them but they never operated any of them, the M22 locust was meant to fill the same roll as the tetrach but america never had any gliders to transport them so they just give them to the UK


Tell that to the German mains.
Of all tree mains they seem to enjoy adding foreign copy paste the most, unless it is someone else receiving a Leopard 2.

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PL-11 has better range than Aspide

I agree.

Don’t forget the P-51 as that was meant for us due to lend lease

Yeah they are Aspides

Woah there buddy, did you forget that the British ruled Canada 150 years ago?!?

From what I can see, it’s not until the J-11B that it becomes integrated with unique Chinese missles such as the Pl-12, but I appreciate the info about the weapons shipment, that already puts them ahead of Germany in legitimacy lmao

lol there are a ton of american aircraft britain could get from ww2 but we dont

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so Canadian and Aussie variants which have there own unique difference can’t go to Britain cause the were originally made in America and not to the nation that they are linked to


@Smin1080p Some players are vying for the Leclerc to get its reload reduced to 5 seconds which allegedly has been rejected due to balance.

In the meantime however, is there any chance of a new ammo such as OFL 120 F2 for the Leclerc to come?

I want the Washington B.1 lol


tbh I find it funny the british air tree lacks a single captured premium, when they operated the largest collection of axis aircraft during the war


Yes, and this should be applied to every foreign vehicle modified in such a way - the Hunter that should have gone to Britain, and the T-90S that should have gone to Russia.

Britain has no connection to any F-18, especially due to both Australia and Canada already being independent from Britain for some time - the Commonwealth argument completely falls apart because of this and because it is not the Commonwealth everyone refers to (Britain having control over other countries), it’s more of a NATO-type political organization.

Well we are about to get bonked


At this moment in time, there are no plans to detail for this.


OFL 120 F1B+ would probably be better then the F2.