Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

I mean the fighter for britain and sweden is definitely a valid rumor to discuss. Just like the new German Leopard 2 variant and probably rank VIII ground.

Well I don’t think it’s a conversation that requires 1000 pages(and obviously it’s not all related)

Ontop of that I’m also seeing a lot of whishlisting more or less. And just the usual debates in stuff that isn’t even confirmed yet.

I’m trying too get better about using other threads throughout the forums and I wish other people would try it too

This thread works best when it’s focused on providing clear discussion about what we know is coming and what rumors are confirmed.


No no no and no. Not CSP. CSP has no DL, AOP introduced it. It would be a very great middle finger to the UK mains. Either AOP or FSP.

I mean that is fair. At this point the things we know for sure are some new Leopard 2 variant for Germany and the Gripen C.

Rank VIII ground is mostly a well founded speculation and the british top tier fighter is just too vague still.

Also usually how it was in the past that when it became confirmed by a devblog it would also become off topic again, strictly speaking.


Yes you’re right. But every US fighter has a cultish following behind it like the Gripen does but it’s every single 4th generation fighter.

Oh, we don’t want it before let me tell you. We just want it so we get something with AMRAAM’s that can fly, or even something with sparrows that can fight.

But yeah its definitely not going to be a CF-18 it will be a Tornado CSP or SHAR and we will all go back to giving miserable

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Please not the CSP. Everyone use it not knowing what it means. CSP has no Datalink. AOP or FSP

I’m going to be honest I have no idea what AOP or FSF means.

However I’ll just stick to using Tornado+ ™ for the foreseeable future. I equally hope its not that.

CSP is Capability Sustainment Programme, it added ability to fire AMRAAM and ASRAAM, added ability to engeage multiple targets at once, improved resistance to ECM, software and hardware upgrade, AOP is AMRAAM Optimisation Programme, it added datalink and FSP is F3 Sustainment Programme, it fixed all problem found in the AOP, allowed for AMRAAM C5 and ASRAAM FOC2 firing, software and hardware upgrade.



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Thats great. Looks amazing!
Any indication if this might be in next December patch or only the event?

Already know we are getting the Gripen. Can only speculate on what other goodies there’ll be.
Now even the chance of subs! Go War Thunder!

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If we get submarines in december it would be the best Christmas gift of all time.


Hey now, that spot is reserved for player controlled carriers…unless if we get those sometime else than Christmas…then player controlled carriers will be the best early Christmas gift and subs make for the the best Christmas.

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Both would be awesome.

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They tried to fix the error with the R-27ET1 name, which was R-2E7T1, however now it is R-27E7T1. This is quite amusing.

I didn’t intend to make it sound like you wanted that, sorry if it came across that way.

However there are enough british mains in this thread that would want it before the US, and the more delusional part, some of them seem to believe it could actually happen that way.

Another nation getting an aircraft before the nation that designed and produced it has been an anomaly for the last few years, an exception to the rule. I can only remember the F-5A (which was way less iconic in US service) and the Harrier II.

in that case we invented the harrier so we should get first but I only see the uk getting a f/a18 in any way is if the usa gets one too

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Yeah true that, my bad. I should have specified AV-8B now that Italy has it (not that I personally mind italy having it first).

Somewhat off-topic: the VII seems to be a pretty well made model, and the VII with the AI on it in CDK seems to be able to attack the player!

This is a revolution for Custom-Fanboy )))))