Next Major Update of 2024 - New Ideas for Xbox/PlayStation

I think console players should get the Gaijin Marketplace


If they can find a way to implement it, and i mean, it has been done in the past: It’s worth a go and would give us console players a chance to play some fun vehicles, i swear 90% of the vehicles i want to play are ancient event vehicles or things like the pt-14/16 which had quite the requirement to grind.

I have spent a fortune on this game and sorry I did .I don’t miss the market place its just a way to waste even more on a crumbing game that can take such a bad turn so quickly.

Pay F2P then you won’t worry about it all and will enjoy it more, if you can bare the grind.

To be honest if I had of known Xbox was cross platform with PC I would never have started WT. I only bought premiums, bushes etc to try and compete with PC and all they do is nerf any possible advantage to death. Keep your money in your pocket.

Yeah it can be done, remember when they announce that War Thunder was coming to the Xbox/PlayStation

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It has??? When??

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They can’t implement it because of Sony/Microsoft. They want to because they would make money, but can’t. There was a thread about this last week that just got locked. Complain to your console manufacturer.

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I think Microsoft would be better to partner up with that because Microsoft is better

Gaijin tried with both and the problems came from the console manufacturers. I doubt it will ever happen because they won’t play nice with Gaijin. I’ll suggest what I did in the last thread: Contact your console manufacturer and request that they make that change and allow the marketplace.

As of right now it’s not going to happen. There are numerous posts about this. I won’t go into details. There is some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Xbox users. But right now it’s just hopes and dreams.

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here is my Idea add the Maus back to the tech tree to fill up the massive gap in the German heavy tank line.

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What is blud on about, the maus should stay as it is, a once a year ‘one off’ since it isn’t even that good for the BR anymore yet still are just annoying to deal with, especially with german player counts reaching the numbers they are today

On top of this germany moved away from heavy tanks after ww2, a doctrine that differed from america and russia who continued making heavy tanks late into the 50s or even the early 70s in the case of some T-10 models

They could implement it by making the vehicles cost GE for console

Gaijin wants to add the market. This is a Sony thing. Sony won’t let them.

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Microsoft would be a better option in my opinion, i think there’s more Microsoft players anyway. And i just think it would be more fair since the PS5 has more exclusive games that Microsoft can’t licensee

That is objectively irrelevant. Other games do not concern WT. WT wants to introduce the market on console. Sony and Microsoft won’t let them.

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Just ask Elon Musk 😂😂😂

Hopefully sometime in the future y’all can make an agreement with Sony and Microsoft

So, is it possible I can threaten the ceo and make it happen?


Moving swiftly on…

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