Newer player questions

Newer player. I have been playing Armor almost exclusively now. Watched quite a few vids but can’t get these answers.

I get the ability to grab a fighter from time to time and time out on it (safely) at some point yet I see others flying for quite some time? I rarely get a bomber or attach AC option, is there anything I need to do to facilitate that and have longer time in the air?

Many times I get a first shot headon with a tank. I will get kills sometimes on side hits.
Even with maxed out mods and shells I can not get a green aim point anywhere and can get 2+ hits with no or small damage, yet I am 1 shotted even with a Jumbo turret hit and against similar or lesser shells.

Behind hills I can sometimes see a enemy tank bracketed when aiming but can never hit without seeing the tank outline in red yet I am hit even in the hull when I feel I am below the hill top?


Not arcade player but

AFAIK you need more kills to spawn bomber than to spawn fighter

What shells do you use?

Unless arcade has vastly different penetration values i find that hard to believe. If you said panther cuts straight through your mantlet, yea that happens.

But lesser (i assume you mean weaker) than shells used by jumbo? Unlikely.


M62 on the Jumbo.

Then quite a few are hitting my mantlet after a quick traversed turret when I put 1-2 into them. Since I’m still trying to get the crew skills up maybe their skills are that much more advanced.

1 kill = 1 spawn point - you need 1 for a fighter, 2 for strike a/c, 3 for a bomber, 15 for a nuke (I think - never had one! :) )!

You can also get spawn points by time spent in battle. But it’s much faster by getting the kills required.

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Part of your turret is exposed above the terrain where you can see over it but before you can fire. This is very easy to see in AB because of the red outline. That is why you are getting hit, and yes probably they have better crews.

You need to play and do positive stuff…actually just “surviving” for a while will contribute…but hitting enemies, killing them or capping will get you into a plane faster.
BUT…when an airstrike is available, all ELIGIBLE players on BOTH teams will try to get it…and whoever clicks FIRST on the bomber/attacker request will get it. If this is important for you i suggest you define a key shortcut (can be a controller key or combo) for it so you can be faster (and even so you may not get it).
Time is the same for everyone…IF you dont get killed and leave the plane in flying order, the AI will take control of it and may fly around for a while…it won’t attack anything, just fly in circles.

Kill shots depends on several factors…one you may be ignoring the weakspots. Jumbo has a very tough turret…BUT i recall it MAY have a weakspot on the cupola…OR a shot that hits the turret ring. You can test for it in the penetration simulator or the game replay.
If you face enemies regularly you can test the armor and penetration on the simulator. I usually can get a green cross on most targets (i prefer to use tanks with good guns). I recall Jumbo, KV1, Churchill and some others i had to look for the weak spots…but i dont recall them now…and long time since i had to do it.

This i can’t help much…as it still annoys me. In some maps/places i target an enemy and even with several shots i cannot hit it and/or i just hit the MG on top…then he fires back and hits me :(.
I read that shots can dive a bit and drop into the target…but i cant do it myself. It happened on occasion…i aim at a target that is behind a hill and it dies…but it is rare and i am never sure how…
I avoid maps like Volokolamsk as this is even worse with snow for some reason…

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Well yeah shells are affected by gravity. Balistic curve and all that.

Anyway, depends on multiple factors such as position, distance and shell velocity. But if you are higher and far enough and the target is hiding just behind the horizon/obstacle you can hit him. Just eyeball it and dont relly on the penetration indicator/pseudorange finder.

Thats because the upper layer of snow “isnt there”. On ULQ good half a metre disappears. Tank can drive over it just fine but shells just pass through. If the enemy doesnt know that but you do you can often catch them by surprise.

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TY Ghost

Problem is I DO KNOW IT…just cant really do it…at least regularly. Eventually i got annoyed by the many “one-on-one” that i lose…
I managed to learn most game mechanics, including weakspots, moving targets, over 1km shots, etc…this one still eludes me…

Lastly…I hope. In arcade does tank camo or purchased foliage work in conjunction with the visibility rating of the vehicle? How does the crew skills of keen vision, rangefinding, and targeting all work with camo? TY

Capping really doesn’t help with the plane spawns in AB . . . Unlike RB, where you can speed rush a cap, die and then immediately spawn in a fighter with some rockets or bombs(it varies) and go do CAS stuff right away. I can capture 3 spawn points in a short time and not even make a single point, which only allows me to spawn a fighter, and even that requires someone else to start a flying sortie to even have that opportunity. There is a VAST lack of continuity between the modes for how spawning in planes works.
It would be nice if Gaijin addressed this and made the systems work more alike. Naval actually has about the best all around plane spawning approach. Guaranteed 3 naval spawns and then earn points to spawn your own plane as you see fit. It’s more efficient and there is a lot less CAS spawn than RB ground. AB ground has the planes gimped so hard, it really is barely worth the effort the majority of the time. If they ever break down and give in to the “Tanks Only” crowd, I am pretty sure they will do it to the Arcade ground mode. Practically there now . . . The RB “respawn point system” has just about ruined that mode for ground battles and needs an overhaul badly. I stopped playing RB tank games shortly after they implemented that system.

I don’t think camo or bushes affect spotting in AB. Bushes use to work to hide weakspots. Weakspots where there, but with bushes on top the crosshair would not work and not turn green…
However, a few updates back the bush placement was limited and in many vehicles it is not easy to place bushes cover weakspots anymore.

Shor version…bushes has minimal effect…and camo has zero

I mainly play GFAB and have found a quick way to get fighters and bombers is to scout enemies. The chances of getting air is increased if your teammates destroy those enemies you scouted. That has been my experience.

I don’t think I ever saw this happening and I play Ground AB even before Gaijin decided to add them in the game(how I regret not having bought those packs of big bushes, and they were on sale!), what they made hard is that without seeing the weakspots you now will have to kind of guess where they will be.

Also, just to add, that you can now destroy the bushes(and other decorations) by shooting at them

When the Jumbos had no bushes, the crosshair would be red and turn green when the sight was over the driver/gunner hatch. Made it “easier” to aim at the weakspot.
With bushes, the crosshair would “lose” the color…neither green or red…like if the bush would not allow the “reading” of the parameter.
Of curse the bush needed to be over the hatch…

Long time since i had to fight jumbos, so not sure if it changed how it works…also much less bushes these days…
But back in the days i had this issue a lot…

(For the record…the scenario was fighting jumbos with Panthers/Tigers/PzIVf2/other jumbos/T34s). Of course it happened on other vehicles…but jumbos where the ones with bushes always over the hatch…and it happened a lot, so i remember…