New World War II-era Models for American Naval Aviators in US Navy and US Marine Corps

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Reposting and revising from my original suggestion in old forums.

Many years ago, German, Russian, British, and Japanese pilots received their skin remodels in the game, and the American pilots have yet to get their overhaul. It was way overdue.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest applying skin remodels for American pilots and gunners in prop aircraft that belonged to the World War II-era US Navy and US Marine Corps with accurate flight suit equipment in its retrospective time.

Currently, the pilot and gunner from any American prop naval aircraft look like this:


Old USAF Pilot


Old USAF Gunner


I suggest updating the old models almost exactly like what pilots and gunners in the US Navy or Marine Corps were wearing in real life. Below is for your reference.

Photographs of US Navy Aviators


Photographs of US Marine Aviators


Photographs of US Naval Gunners


Photographs of Oxygen Masks

The updated pilot and gunner model for the US Navy could wear a khaki overall flight suit with a bright gold life preserver alongside an oxygen mask instead of an inaccurate and low-quality greenish outfit. I am going ahead and listing the most commonly issued pieces of flight gear for the American pilots in the USN/USMC service below for your reference.

Flight Gear Specifications


  • NAF-1092 (Early Issued)
  • M-450 (Mid-Issued)
  • AN-6540/AN-6542/AN-6543 (Late Issued)


  • AN-6530 Goggles (Standard Issue in 1942)
  • B-8 Flying Goggles (Standard Issue in 1944)

Oxygen Mask

  • Type C Oxygen Mask (Issued in 1942-1945)
  • A-14 Oxygen Mask (Standard Issue in 1943-1945)

Flight Suit

  • M-668 Khaki Lightweight Flight Suit
  • Canvas belt with a holster for ammunition magazines
  • Colt 1911 Automatic Pistol M1916 Leather Holster

Survival Vest

  • ‘Mae West’ Mark 1 Life Vest (Early issued)
  • B-4 Life Preserver (Late issued)

Parachute Pack

  • Seat Parachute Pack
  • Quick Attachable Seat Parachute Pack


  • Black or Yellow Flying Gloves Navy


  • Black or Brown Shoes Navy

Here is an illustration of a Naval Aviator.



The final updated pilot and gunner models could wear khaki flight suits alongside navy’s helmet and equipment to accurately represent the American naval aviators in the Pacific Theater of Operations during 1941-1945.

The bottom line: the old American pilot model is showing its age with low quality and desperately needs to be overhauled in War Thunder. This would make the new American models more accurate and have high visual quality to stay relevant in the fast-growing game with every new patch.

Sources I have used to find pieces of flight gear:

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion! 😃


An absolute +1 from me, It’s a definitely way over due and would be a nice QOL change

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