New VR "Death View" is terrible

There seems to be a change in the way the “Death View” and it’s hiddious and needs to go.

Instead of remaining “In VR” when you’re killed, it takes you to a flat view of your view, like a video, within your VR view (similar to viewing the mapscreen).

I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a design change/ hoping it’s a bug because it’s jarring (no video yet; but I’ll make one if it keeps up) - it started yesterday (I think).

Sounds like a bug. I dont recall and changes to vr recently.

After I posted this it started behaving normally again the next time I played. I’m going to continue to immediately post bugs I find in the hopes they’re cleared up in a shallow effort to make me look the fool.


And… now I think it may be something only happening in SIM mode as it did happen again last night; if it keeps happening I’ll create a video but I may have to repost this into the Sim section or figure out how to submit a bug report.

Here’s the screen - it’s tough to demonstrate on a flat screen but in VR it’s very noticeable

You’ll notice me Pan up and all around as soon as I die and you see a black border around the screen, that’s because that is a “projection” of the game and not in 3D, but then when it shows what killed me (AA of course) it’s back to 3D again.

Note: the right side of the screen has bleed over from the other eye and has nothing to do with the issue I’m reporting, it’s just because I didn’t align OBS correctly before recording.