New Vehicles for France


can we please get the Versions of the AMX-10 RCR and AMX-10RCR Separ as well as the AMX-10 RC T40 (the Prototype).
I wouldn´t mind one of them as premium 9.0 light tank.
As long as it is stabilized. We need stabilizers for france.

Kind regards.


Yet you ask for 2 unstabilized versoins of the AMX 10 RC ???

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the amx 10 rc with the tml 105 turret is a better idea, as it is actually stabilized

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Well I guess the joke didn´t catch about stabilizers. I´m doing just fine without.
I forgot the AMX-10RC TML 105, yes this would be really nice.

Milk multiple version out of it by making an “export” version (which is real-ish) by removing DU rounds out of it