New vehicle for germany

since the US and Japan got F15, the USSR and China got SU-27 and the UK and Sweden got them JAS39. We German mains demand eurofighter typhoon to counter them, I got fed up with all of the new jets beside, the german is not that good either, I mean yeah we got the best MIG 29 in the game and what else ? all the other jets in german tech tree is doo doo and I got bored with the MIG 29. U guys prolly will say that I should try the other tech tree such as the US or the USSR. I’m not a P2W player and it takes me lot’s of time to grind. So please add the eurofighter or something in the game like the F4F ICE is a good one

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F-4F ICE will be good when added with AMRAAMs likely this next major update.
Typhoon isn’t needed though. Typhoon’s equivalents are Rafale, Su-30, F-15C/J MSIP II, and F-18E.

That is the funniest sentence I’ve read in a long time.

Also, the F-4F ICE is coming. It’s model was seen in the files a while back. It’ll come.


The Typhoon, Rafale, Su-30, and F-18E are 4.5 generation aircraft going off some listed abilities of 4.5 generation air-frames I’ve accumulated below. The F-15C/J (and probably the JAS39) cannot be considered 4.5 generation, though.

  • Stealth - Adding stealth after the aircraft has been in production/use for a while, and/or a design that incorporates stealth without it being the main feature or design premise of the air-frame
  • AESA - If an airframe has AESA it is automatically a 4.5 generation aircraft, although 4.5 gen aircraft don’t need them to qualify
  • Computer systems - If the air-frame has computer tech that would have been modern for militaries in the late 1980s or 1990s, then it likely will be considered a 4.5 generation aircraft (this includes either hardware or software capabilities [like datalink and the like])
  • Supercruise - Can it supercruise lol
  • Good Maneuverability At All Speeds
  • Good BVR and WVR abilities

I mean if I was told I was getting the F-4F ICE as the plane to be going against the Rafale, Eurofighter, etc., I’d be pretty mad.

The Eurofighter Typhoon was made in 2003.
The F-15 particularly the earliest model aka the F-15A is from 1976.

None of those aircraft have stealth, none have AESA, all are using computer systems from the 1990s or earlier [which includes datalink], BVR & WVR is weapons based not platform based, good maneuverability exists well in gen 4 in general, and Lightning can supercruise alongside Mirage 3, Mirage F1, F-15A, Su-27, Mirage 2000, Mirage 4000… just to name a few supercruisers.

Weird of you to post F-4F ICE vs those… no one else said such things.
You mistake Typhoon for F-4F ICE with that statement I think.

My guy the UK spent 3 years without a new top tier fighter, Germany has a good aircraft in the form of the Mig-29G which can last us over until the Eurofighter or something else which will undoubtedly be added.

But man demanding the Eurofighter which exclusively uses high quality active radar homing missiles across the largest number of hardpoints in-game with an excellent FM is waaaaay outta the water.

German air does not suffer, like there is a good option in every rank and we haven’t even waited a month since being one of the top dogs.


You demand!!! Yet you dont pay. Typical.

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NIce another air lovers if CAS not broken enough in top tier wy not put more jets just to make GRB unplayable.

This is a misconception, it was a regular F-4F in Norm 90J camo.

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F-4F ICE is going to be dead on arrival. It has the performance of a 10.7 aircraft while being forced to fight the likes of the Su-27 and Gripen. AMRAAMs are not going to be the silver bullet people are expecting them to be with kinematic performance being around the same as a late Sparrow and therefore obviously inferior to a R-27ER. I believe that even when the F-4F ICE comes, MiG-29G will still be the better aircraft, its BVR missiles aren’t ARH, but they are still arguably better and besides those the 29G is better in every other metric by a large margin.

Consider beeing less demanding … are your letters to Santa Claus written in the same way?

right now German can use F-18 from swiss (also german have a plan to buy F-18 from US many years ago but cancel so F-18 is far better choice than F4F ICE (unless gaijin did some funny come with IRIS-T)

Bro they do not need f-18, that should stay in the US and maybe go to UK as cf-18.

Howling. Who said you speak for every one? War thunder isn’t ready for the Typhoon yet, it’s gonna be a while longer before that happens.

Germany has the mig-29G, they don’t need another fighter. Maybe a 10.0+ strike aircraft (that isn’t a worthless Tornado).

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Could a super hornet or late f16 and f15 counter the euro fighter? Because if not there’s 2 ways gaijin can go and neither is good. Either they add f-22 and ruin the game or let top tier USA die out. Luckily I think some more modern variations of the American fighters I listed (1990s era) could handle euro fighters in air combat

I presume you mean with reference to US air and not Germany?

It very much depends on which Eurofighter but the answer is yes to at least some degree no matter the variant. Early Eurofighters have M-scan radars and AMRAAM’s which is the same armament as the later F-16’s and F-15’s but a worse radar (although the F-16’s has a lower power output IIRC).

Superhornet and F-15 variants could, the Eurofighter will almost 100% just be better but not invulnerable. Even if they said no to Meteor the EF has more hardpoints and more missiles unless its an F-15 EX. F-16 is pretty much outta the question though IMO, way less missiles, worse FM as its heavier etc.

Yeah the EF was kinda the cross-roads where the US went for 5th gens and Europe went for 4++ and the result is America finds itself in a position many smaller trees have been in without a good option due to the fact that America never made one to fit this role. Preferably they won’t add it and if they do it will be exclusively against stealth aircraft and things like the F-35 can get Meteor or something to counter it.

Yes they will be able to compete to some degree. IRL its a slightly different question how things would go but in-game at least based on the Gripen US fighters won’t be meta and will need a fair bit of skill to use.

I was saying that the US equivalents to the Typhoon are not the F-15C/J as the F-15C/J are not 4.5 generation aircraft.

Eurofighter Typhoon -

"Stealth Features: 15% metal surface

Only 15% of the aircraft’s surface is metal, delivering stealth operation and protection from radar-based systems. It delivers both superior manoeuvrability at subsonic speeds and efficient supersonic capability to support the widest range of combat scenarios." Features | Eurofighter Typhoon

Rafale -

“The radar cross section of the airframe has been kept to the lowest possible value by selecting the most adequate outer mould line and materials. Most of the stealth design features are classified, but some of them are clearly visible, such as the serrated patterns on the trailing edge of the wings and canards.”

F-18E -

" “So the airplane’s already a [low-observable] platform,” said Bob Kornegay, senior manager of business development for the F/A-18E/F and EA-18G at Boeing." Upgraded Super Hornet Features Only Minor Stealth Improvements

Btw the F-18E source here is the best I could find in a few minutes since most of the “F-18E stealth” searches just bring up the Block III only.

Not the base models, but most have models/blocks with AESA soon after (for example the block I F-18E in 2002 and block II in 2005 with AESA).

Yeah no I agree there needs to be more SPAA (or imo AA) added to the game, the Pantsir is (and apparently the TOR-M1 are) the best stuff we have right now and most nations don’t have an equivalent.

Gaijin really needs to code trailers in game as most modern AA are multi-vehicle systems. Things like the I-DOME could be just a single main truck pulling a trailer with a radar, and things like the Patriot (whenever it makes sense technologically to add it, not saying that is now) which are like 4-6+ vehicles could have most of them near spawn with the firing truck being player-controlled:


To explain a bit more, for the AA that only require an additional radar, I think having a truck pull a single radar trailer would be feasible enough. For the AA that require more than just a single truck and trailer, all of the additional vehicles besides the missile firing or control/engagement trucks could be in your spawn under spawn protection (so that the player controlled vehicle is the only thing that can be destroyed, to match the rest of the AA in game right now).

The Patriot system, for example, requires a radar set, an electric power plant, a launching station(s), an antenna mast group, and an engagement control station. The launching platforms, antenna mast group, radar set, and one electric power plant could be placed in the spawn under protection since they don’t move.

The engagement control station (and possibly a trailer drawn electric power plant to if the electronics/communication equipment of the control station needs it) could be player controlled like any other vehicle. To make the control station more like the SPAA in game which leave a missile or tracer trail to where the vehicle’s general location is, some sort of (non-historical, for gameplay reasons only) signal could be given out to say that the control station is in a general area.

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