New vehicle damage system using both the projectile and the armor of the target vehicle

I want to give a suggestion for this roadmap, which aims to “fix” the issue where a shot passes through a light vehicle without causing any damage to modules or crew.

My idea is to use the vehicle’s own armor, both the front and rear layers, as “ammunition” upon impact.

Something similar to what happens with the Hash rounds we have in the game, let me explain in detail.

A British APDS round would have the ability to penetrate the vehicle’s armor, initially destroying its hull as it progresses through the armor. This would lead to the addition of new fragments, both from the projectile as it fragments due to the impact, and from the armor of the target vehicle.

You could potentially eliminate some crew members due to these fragments generated by both the projectile and the armor combined.

Of course, we shouldn’t place 1,000 fragments in each part, but rather an area in the shape of a cone or something similar, which as it progresses through the target vehicle would spread out and POSSIBLY turn the engine or other modules of the vehicle orange, requiring non-urgent repairs.

At the moment, the least labor-intensive idea would be to make the armor of the target vehicle its own sentence; it would be capable of fragmenting to cause damage to its own crew with the situations mentioned above.

This would take time to be tested and some more time to be fully fixed after being added to the game, as we all know that devs test, but in the hands of other players, things end up going a bit differently than expected.

Well, that’s what I have to say about the “post-penetration” damage system that wouldn’t cause damage with the projectile itself, but with the vehicle’s own armor resulting from the projectile impact.

If you have any suggestions to improve this idea, feel free to share your opinion.

The problem with thin armour is, that it tends to “bend” instead of shattering, thus creating little to no spalling…
I’d stay with using HE or HEAT against light targets. Works pretty well…