New update blows, 21 gb on useless nonsense

Why make an animation for every GOD DAMN modification like i need to know what TRACKS do? or an engine? also making the pictures for vehicles look like world of tanks and shitty Chinese mobile games, Why do i need to see what an elevation mechanism does? I CAN READ, SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE THAT PLAYS THE GAME. they used to look nice with historical looking images, now just a world of tanks knock off. I’m not saying everything is bad, but there is so much useless things that took time and effort; that time and effort could have been used to make the game better.


Who said all that size was on those things alone?

This is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

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Unless the new wind animation for trees is on full blast…then you can’t see anything.


I seen one bush on Poland going absolutely off the hook, while the rest were all chilling and grooving.

yeah, the new animations for modifications and such are a waste of space and effort.

Dude is mad because he had to download 21 gigs on slow internet lmao

Not everyone has unlimited space

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lol Just… lol
The animations are there to assist.
As for the new stat card images, you clearly haven’t seen Type 90B.
That’s beautiful.
The old ones were sepia & washed out.
These new ones have proper shadows, even if a lot of them are still somewhat washed out.

It’s temporary data, and instructions to delete over 13GB of old data.

1TB sata SSD costs 40€

Why make an animation for every GOD DAMN modification like i need to know what TRACKS do? or an engine?

??? It’s new player focused as the game is pretty difficult to get into. That said, I can just about guarantee you that you do not know everything about what each mod does…you’re being overly arrogant.

The update didn’t take up 22gb of space to install.

Because fuck new players right?

Who cares about new players right? Let’s just fck them over on every possible corner so the playerbase is getting smaller and smaller each year.

At least there is a smaller chance for posting classified documents found on a Bus stop in London.

just because someone is a new player doesn’t mean they can’t read


The descriptions of mods were not always fully inclusive of the changes. Some are also just vague in what they’ll do. Don’t be so high on a horse you complain that new players get assistance. If you didn’t need it, cool. You’re not special.

After the game runs for a while, it uses extra 3GB+ of SSD space. What is that all about. I just had a game crash today, as the stupid game ran out of space. Sent the report and was back to 3GB of empty space. Yeah, a really nice way to grind these poor SSDs with constant extra space usage and 5+ a day whole game file checks because there is a little update every couple of hours.

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That doesn’t mean it needed some stupid and cringy animations, but that it needed better thought descriptions.

I agree on the cards. They’re pretty and elegant.
Stronk disagree on animations and how much they “assist”.

You’re complaining about nothing.