New Topic! Just remember for the next couple weeks you only have 10 posts per day apparently!

Until you get to level 2! With no warning before you’re at your 10th one if you’ve lost track! But you can also create 3 forum TOPICS on top of that, so I still get to warn you this way! Yay! Like the forum owners should have in some kind of “new rules” post!

Also, if you ever want to get to level 3 and have all your hyperlinks work, you have to read 25% of ALL topics created!! So make sure you start reading EVERYTHING on here!! Even if English isn’t your first language!!

Useful resource: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Warning though, the numbers given in there may not be the numbers this forum uses! Cause I can only post 10 times today and that’s a limit only on level 0 people, but I’m level 1 according to the message I got so maybe the numbers are different here!! Wheeeee!!

(Srsly, people talking about bringing back all their content from the dead forum somehow… maybe you should be looking somewhere else, like a thriving multi-squadron Discord site (TECHub, Class Act, etc.) to host all your epic insights, to keep that stuff going forward? Just suggesting.)


wait what, ten posts a day, that is horrible, i hit it trying to transfer all my old stuff over, this is just a missmanaged mess trying to use a bot in order to moderate