New Thundercloud challenge glitch

I got 3 kills with HVAR (as shown on battle log) and only 2 counted. Two of the kills were at the same second, so maybe that’s where it went wrong. Not worried about the credit, just pointing it out as a possible glitch.

Well, you can have some glitches with all tasks, at all levels apparently.

So far I worked through daily and special tasks well with “Eagle Eye” in Sim EC: 5 crits for 1st level daily, 14 crits for 2nd, and 30 crits for the special task, so with the Warthog one can within 2 matches complete all three in a day.

Just yesterday I killed about 30 targets in a match after having completed the 1st stage in a previous match, and only got the special task counted, and WT somehow forgot to give me the 14 crits for the 2nd stage daily as well.


Same issue here - I would have completed the Bomb aspect but I only have 3 of my kills listed - seems to be 50% register rate …
Would like to finish this Gaijin! - please look into this achievement as it seems to be bugged.
Replication is easy - kill bad guys - get no credit 50% of the time.

Killed a bunch of ships with rockets only to find they apparently don’t count?

What tier is the aircraft you used?