New Testing Grounds

It would be nice to become proficient in a planes weaponry but also the weapons capabilities. Instead of test flight have a Testing Grounds. An area similiar to U.S. test flight. Island Airstrip with modern and WW2 runway. A friendly Aircaft Carrier that sails straight so you can practice carrier landings and it only makes quick 180 degree turn at edge of map. A large island with 8 to 12 varying ground targets and an Enemy Base w/ AA protection. Another island with an Enemy Airfield that registers damage along with the two defensive planes circling along with the two enemy planes circling the test area.Also, these bases would show up as targets in CCRP selection to practice bomb runs. For Sea targets an enemy aircraft carrier, and at least one Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, large and small Tanker. To finish it off the ability to respawn all destroyed vehicles in the pause menu. Lastly, with the premium gold account you will have the ability to make the range live fire. An option to change the BR level of the enemy vehicles to accommodate high low rankings. For example, a rank 6.3 BR plane plaing 6.3-7.3 might need more bombs to destroy a base than at 5.3-6.3. A testing grounds like this will take alot of guess work out of new planes and allow people to learn things outside of learning in battles. Especially for people going from prop planes to a top level premium and never using radar, guided weapons, ccrp, etc. Thank You for the place and ability to reach out.

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It’d be nice of Air RB used carrier landings / take offs at all.

Custom Battles (Private) might be your friend here.

Well if they don’t have the plane and even if they did, the ground bot SPAA doesn’t shoot until you go to the airfield

Oh yeah, forgot the AI is only set for moving around and not engaging.