New TDM mode terrible

The new score system for that gamemode in ground rb is awful. Last match we completely beat them but because they had a slightly higher score number, and no tanks to spawn, we lost anyways.

Nothing actually changed with it, it’s merely showing how many kills are to be got rather than the 100 tickets per death that it was.

If anything has changed, it’d be the players being more aware of the actual goal in that mode.


oh i see

I sort of wish they got rid of the ticket bleed from deaths. I like those matches with big comebacks but they are often ruined by that ticket bleed.


I’d like to see over-time and ticket replenishing events to lead to longer playouts of matches that are genuinely contentious.

That could be something.

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Maybe sort of have a “reverse” kill streak. If someone has gotten like 5+ kill in one life, for example, taking out that player gives you X amount of tickets back.

Maybe even add an award for it. Something like “streak ender” which could also help with spaa play as it could reward people for switching to a spaa to take out the guy that has just been sitting in the air unopposed.


Its the same mode, they just changed the way its represented