New T-80 BVM reverse

Good news for a USSR players🧌 The new modification of the T-80 BVM has a reverse speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) Time code link, use translator


This is actually a BV upgrade.

The BVM is a BV upgrade.

Its the BVM (mod 2022).

this is a BV obr 2023 upgrade

Its a BVM. BVM’s are modernised BV’s.

@ the timestamp is the 2022 model with 1PN 96MT-02 optics.

this vehicle does not have all of the BVM upgrades, therefore it is not a BVM

What is it you think a BVM is?

a BV with relikt is not a BVM for your reference

2A46M-4 gun, Sosna-U thermal sight, FCS upgrade, this BV lacks these upgrades

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Its a different BVM upgrade, with 1PN 96MT-02 instead of the Sosna-U fcs.

no, its a BV upgrade lol

ie, a T-80BVM.

This is hilarious.

it does not fullfil the “M” parts of the upgrade

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It does, just a different build to the one we have ingame.

no, it doesnt, it doesnt have the gun upgrade etc…

This is going in circles.

That would be a pretty nice backup for the current BVM.

Maybe somebody should put in a suggestion for the T-80BV Obr.2023 would definitely be a solid backup to the BVM or any BVM upgrades.

Cool find, a major improvement indeed.

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