New stat card images

Many players, including myself, are not fond of the new stat card images. They feel soulless and lack the depth and meaning that the old images had. The current 3D models of vehicles on the stat cards don’t capture the same charm or aesthetic appeal. The previous stat card images gave the game a beautiful and distinctive look that added to its overall atmosphere.I would love to see a toggle option in the game settings, allowing players to choose between the old and new stat card images. This would cater to different player preferences and help maintain the unique visual style that many of us appreciated.


We do not have any plans to bring back old sepia screens to stat cards, sorry.


Yeah, we need real pictures and not some weird models on the stat cards


I’d rather just see useful information on statcards instead of mostly irrelevant info.


Right now you have real models instead of old, low quality sepia screenshot.
Again, we do not have any plans to bring back old screens to stat cards.


The old stats card were extremely low quality man, I prefer the new high-res 3D renders than some old grainy smudge on my screen.

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Could aircraft at least be depicted with their gear retracted, as if flying?

This would be a far better representation, especially as ships get that waterline effect. And planes all have their gear down in the hangar anyway.

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The stat card images all look great and modern at the moment.

Though they looked fine before but no need for change.


Life is all about change. Accept and embrace it since you have no choice.

-someone important probably

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Wish there was an option to toggle a filter…


One could hope that the next Thunder live section could be the stat card’s.
(Either replacing one card or a full tt depending on how insane the creator is)