New squadron vehicles?

Does anyone know when we will get new squadron vehicles ?
In a week I explored all the available ones.

Hopefully we will get sone for france and italy, and maybe a swedish and japanese plane


Sure ya did

Hoping for a f111 or some late phantom/yf-something (hopefully yf-15)

Knowing gaijin expect a shitty high tier subsonic attacker

I mean I’d rather have a supersonic but considering I want to build a lineup for my m1a1 aim it would do the job

hopefully one for France or Italy, given neither of them have a squad vehicle

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Ehh most people would rather have an f111 or late phantom. France and Italy don’t make gaijin enough premium money for them to bother

I mean yeah I’m hoping for a better jet for the Muricans, something like the F-16/79 would be neato

Yeah that could fit in at like 11.3-11.7

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Yeah, keep ignoring them, that’ll do the trick.

They could add them in the same update, no one would complain and it’d be a nice addition But the American one would certainly gain more attention, that’s just how it is.

Yeah, because they neglect the other nations and people stop playing them, and those who keep playing them get screwed with endless uptiering of their vehicles because the nation lacks new and bad players to average statistics, something everyone with 3 braincells would understand, but as science has proven Snails use two braincells, that’s where the problem lies.


All it would take is an addition to their formula that would consider the popularity differences so we don’t end up with absurd things like a Japanese prop plane at 7.7 or the uptiering of the entire 7.7 French lineup.

Something we called out over a decade ago, but the Snail is an arrogant and a self absorbed entitity that refuses to acknowledge this and continue to hurt the game instead.
And after neglecting a tree for all these years they flip the narrative and suggest that it’s not worth investing in it because of the low popularity, not acknowledging their neglect of this trees is directly responsible for it.


I’m hoping we get a new one next update. I’d love a mid tier one. It won’t be mid tier, I’ll be top tier, but one can dream.

Yes Sure Dude

Yeah, took you one week right?

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My vote is on a new vessel option as they’ve been quite neglected since the last one was iirc the SKR Karl Marx Project 50 Sentry Ship, Now just watch the devs give either the yanks the USS Tacoma PF-3 from the Atlantic event heh hmmm… (please don’t that was a joke).

It would be cool an although comical if they picked say the AA Cruiser Colbert C611 for france (only decent AA ship), or a Type 12M/12I for the brits (a missile for them), or a something like a Maestrale class Frigate for Italy (mainly the guns there but missiles if they choose), I’m just thinking cools ships for those nations but I definitely think it should be a ship next.

Or another helicopter yet I’m not the best to picking helis as I’d say stuff like a Mil Mi-6 since it had a 12.7 mm HMG heh hm…



Just keep at it, and be in an active squadron.

It’ll take you some months for sure.

I believe he means he will be “caught up”, and I can see his point, I am like 3 weeks from finishing the Bhishma, which will have me with nothing left to research as well. It happened once before for me, got all caught up, but they added one or two with the next Update. So I anticipate new Squadron vehicle(s) with the next Update as well. Just didn’t get one over the holidays. I am sure I am not the only one in this position . . . but it will come. It always does . . I am sure Gaijin is on top of it.

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