New sounds - added Low Frequency on airplane engines

These sounds give me nausea. There’s a lot of added sound in the sub 100 Hz added since the latest major update. Too much for me as I have a headphone that has no issues whatsoever to go all the way down below 20 Hz. It’s extremely disturbing to say the least.

I don’t want to EQ this away because that influences music too.

Can you please re-tune these new low frequency sounds? It’s extremely unpleasant. Take a Yak-9UT for example… There’s a disproportional amount of sound in the 30-60 Hz which is extremely annoying to hear… 10-15 dB above the rest, that is a LOT.

See those peaks in the low frequencies? You can reduce that some. I’m all for fuller sound, but make it sound “real” and balanced. Currently it doesn’t sound balanced and the issue doesn’t go away when I just turn my own engine to minimum.

Thank you

Can you give us a video of a comparison?.

What do you mean with a video of comparison? I can’t roll back the game client and analyze the difference prior to the patch.

Other planes show the same behavior though, like Yak-3…

Funnily enough, a plane where I used to have issues with the sound, the P51D30, doesn’t have these massive low frequencies anymore and sounds a lot more balanced…

Also things like the Tempest V sound fine…

I’m not sure how they adjusted the sounds, possibly just ran a script with equalizer over them all instead of tuning them individually, I’m not sure. Those engine sounds of the Yak’s shouldn’t have gone through QC if they have such a thing.

It’s also not just limited to Yak’s, G55 has the same…

Yea, yea, bug report and what not… but I’m not going to analyze all 500+ airplane sounds in the game. Gaijin has sound engineers employed (I guess?)

Honestly, the sounds in the game need to be rolled back to v1.73 or older.

The current gun sounds are pretty terrible and the engine sounds are not that good.

Yup, I remember that…

Lots of planes now just sound very very similar. or plain pathetic… just listen to the current P47D. Where is that roaring radial engine spitting out 2800 HP

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I’m saying to make a comparison of certain sounds and what should be added aside that you should be adding a vote to this as well as having this added to the suggestions channel, not the game discussion channel. If its added to the games channel its usually ignored since it isn’t a suggestion.

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It’s not a suggestion, it’s feedback on latest major update sound changes.

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Dont forget that they added the “jet fly by” sound to rockets and missiles. Even when the motor is not burning, it sounds like a f14 is passing me at mach. Really annoying.

My point is that most of the old sounds were recorded from real life aircraft engines and didn’t really need to be changed.

That does make me wonder why they haven’t modeled a lot of aircraft despite having photographic, videography, recreations, 3D renders, etc. Of what it looked like. Aside from that they needed to change the sounds thanks to newer equipment however you are correct they should have gone back to the drawing board and recorded all the old sounds with the newer sound equipment.

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Yes I know, there were many complaints as well when they changed the sound and since then they really haven’t stopped changing the sound… there wasn’t a reason to remove authentic sounds from the game other than, perhaps, that it was leading to sound inconsistencies when no recording would be available. Dunno.

In any case → if some Gaijin sound engineer sees this post, run a spectrum analyzer on your audio files and do something about the low frequencies when they are so much above everything else. It sounds terrible on resolving equipment