New SL and RP changes, were they worth the drama?

There has been much discussion of the new RP changes. From what I’ve seen the minor reductions (5 to 15%) are offset by increases in module costs and increases in RP to Rank VI and VII. It seems to me that Gaijin has done the bare minimum to placate the masses and the underlying math ends up as a net negative, especially for higher tiers. Personally I was hoping for more since shaving less than a dozen games off of research cost isn’t much of a reduction.

For those of you that left a negative review, do you believe the changes are a net positive or net negative?


if many vehicles end up in folders, you don’t have to examine them, no matter if they are full price or half price. Are you also forgetting about the “skill bonus” which will also have a quite significant impact because it will increase the reward by 50%? In addition, there will be a bonus at the end of the year for another tree tested, the total amount of these discounts will still be enormous.

The problem is that snail rewards game time to a very large extent and frags to a much lesser extent. While SL rewards can be scaled with a lot of kills, XP rewards can only be increased with boosters and extending the game to the maximum time at the end of a winning battle. Therefore, it is easy to earn huge amounts of SL, but the differences between an average player and a very good one in the form of XP rewards are much smaller, so he still has to spend a lot of time, so it is not even worth trying hard in the game.

This is typical R…, communist thinking - where everyone receives almost equally, but what they get is one big piece of s…

In a very simple way, it limits the progress anyway. The second issue is the MM that “balances” the game so that you don’t accumulate too much too quickly. The better you play, the more he will punish you with weaker teams and ultimately limit your results. These are quite complex issues, but taken together they still give them control over how quickly you discover new vehicles and progress in the game.

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They may have increased rewards a bit, but they seem to negate all of this by the most one-sided matches. Constant uptiers and never ending losing streaks. Right now my monthly win rate is 45% and STILL dropping like a dead fly. I lost count of days when I would play 20 matches and get like 3 wins. It took me 4 days in Naval to get special task done with 8 wins. Even today it’s pretty much the same. The first hour is a total suck with uptiers and all losses. Pretty sneaky way to nerf your income, if you activate your boosters in that first hour. Many people just have that one hour to play a day, so good luck getting any wins.
I ended up my last night with 2 losses, followed by 4 losses today after that (that’s 6 in a row), then 1 win, 2 losses and 1 win. Now I have to do the new tasks, but have no more desire to be punished any further. I’m literally fighting the stupid game instead of fighting the other team. I very, very, very rarely end up my gaming day saying “yes, that was time well spent.” What’s “funny” my rare downtiers that I get are mostly steamroll losses. No question about it. The match is rigged from the start. The way I see it now, there is no point of me even being there. The game decides who wins and who loses. All you are there for is to open your wallet from frustration.

The Foldering of some top tier stuff is nice. Britain has gone from a brutal 5 MBT grind to a far more reasonable 2 MBT grind and 3 MBTs at half price in folders. Though still no meaningful reduction into Top tier SL/RP changes though or SL/RP gains. So still quite a long grind.

SB economy changes were a step in the right direction, but still a mountain to climb before they are “good”

they have a lot left to prove, but I think they’ve taken the first step, just 1000+ more to go

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Matchmaking is entirely RNG.
How you perform in a match is entirely up to you.

LOL, keep saying yourself that. Are all the constant uptiers random as well? How about matches where one team has 2-3 top BR while other team has NONE and is 0.3-0.4 BR lower? Is that random too? How about injecting new players in the middle of the match when you think you have won and then get steamrolled and lost that match? Is that random? Comrade, in Soviet Russia the game plays you.

I have heard that there is a mechanic where the higher your player level/more game time you have, the higher chance you’ll face an uptier. Does track for me. Im almost always uptiered. It does suck and the MM does need work. cant comment for ARB/GRB, but NRB, not uncommon to have BBs vs Cruisers

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Uptiers are predictable if you know what BRs are popular.
The more popular the BR compared to below & above, the higher chance of uptier.
On top of that, uptiers are easier, especially in ground, as the pressure isn’t on you to do the best you can.
Players are people like yourself, on both teams.

If that was the case, my 5.0 destroyer lineups should have constant downtiers, as 6.3-7.0 should suck up all the 5.3-6.0 BR players, which is not the case, as majority of my matches are +0.7 uptiers. Well, let’s try 5.7 then… uptiers to 6.3. Let’s try 6.0… mostly uptiers to 6.7 and 7.0. When I played 7.0 for a while, the matches were getting worse and worse, as if the game punishes you for playing one lineup for too long. This game doesn’t make any sense. What is the point of constantly being taken for a ride?

5.0 is the most played BR of naval. 4.0 - 4.3 is barely played, which means 5.0 goes up more than it goes down.

Though… That doesnt explain why some games you’ll get 2+ battleships on one side and nothing on the other. I’ve had a number of matches with 2-3 heavies, 4-5 Lights and destroyers vs 4 BBs, 5-6 Heavies and the rest lights. Or other combos akin to that, where the outcome is all but decided in the first 10 seconds because of assymetrical teams.

I can answer this: Players on one team have 6.7 aircraft in their lineups, but only 6.3 ships/don’t bring out their 6.7s.
So you get the ones that bring parity or no aircraft, vs people that bring their precious 6.7 aircraft they will never use.

Then, that needs fixing/addressing. It sucks

Best way to fix it is to educate people.
I bring parity at 7.0 cause Kikka is all I need.
If I had 7.0 USA then it’d be F3D is all I need.
Germany suffers.
Su-9 for Soviets.
Attacker for Britain.

I haven’t seen these lineups with 0.3+ BR plane in a long while, as right now trying to play below 6.0 lineups and also spading 5.0 Japanese. People used to do it, so they would be facing less destroyers with their torpedoes (especially Japanese) in AB.
I would have noticed, if someone used higher BR plane, as I check the enemy lineup at the start of the match. The 0.3+ BR on one team is with the ships, not planes.