New RP bonus came at a cost?

Is it just me or did Gaijin utterly nerf Time Played and activity Rp bonuses in the last patch?


1300Rp for just below 10 minutes in 3 vehicles semms to little. In the same lineup I remember getting between 800 and 1500 Rp for 5 minutes of active gameplay (Above 80% activity). Anyone lese noticed this or is it just me missremembering?

Somehow I also only got below 90% activity while in the Jumbo (Spawned and killed 4 people in 2 minutes while going to the Cap and over 90% in the M36 (Sniped 2 people in the first minute and a thrid in the last and moved around 20m from my spawn)

Watch CC’s youtube videos from XYZ date if you ever want recorded evidence of how things worked before a patch. (I don’t have the motivation to go check this myself, but I’m saying you could)

I had a 6 kill victory give me more than a 10 kill nuke victory pre patch so I’d say no