New Roadmap - but they never finished the last one

So I saw the new roadmap and being Gaijin I always take things with a grain of salt.

What happened to the final part of the last roadmap?


They keep postponing it because they ‘gotta run the numbers’’ which somehow takes an entire year to determine what a 5% increase in RP will do.

Its going to be the second update this year.
roadmap_2024_q1_v1_en_d83ffc4976a76355d2dddc4d917f606d.jpg (2160×1216) - DuckDuckGo 1_30_2024 11_00_12 AM


I saw that but how they haven’t implemented that in the last roadmap makes me suspicious.

They do that a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised if the wait is going to be kinda long.

They are on the new road map. But wouldn’t be surprised if they kept being postponed

They wanted to wait and see how all the previous economic changes effected progression. As I stated previously irrelevant to overall progression the mechanic should still be implemented as it is an encouragement for returning players / veterans to continue playing new nations after they’ve finished a tree.

With the fact they have said more independent tech-trees are coming some of us think it was pushed back to come with the new nation.

Using it as a way to get less interested people to try said nation.

Likely coding issues. After all, it do require brand new code and a lot of connections.

Reading, the downfall of warthunder community.



I would say that’s a good decision taken by gaijin. It will encourage the players to try more nations.

Speking of good decisions, I will buy pulled pork tomorrow and chedar with jalapenos. Make some burgers you know.

Enjoy your meal. Not sure why you said that.

Thank you dude. I will post some pictures.