New Rank 7 premium tanks?

So anyone interested in speculating on what other nations will receive as their new high BR rank 7 premium tanks?

I guess it’s likely Israel gets a Merkava 3D for their 11.0/11.3 premium tank. But does anyone have an idea what France might get? Japan probably a Type 90 c+p. Germany?

Greatest pitch for Germany, Gaijin gives Germany a T-72S for a premium.

Japan can get Thai VT-4

Only Japan, Italy, France, and Israel currently do not have one. But I do not see an alternative other than copy-pasting from one of their existing MBTs.

This would be a politically insensitive choice.

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Italy can get some C&P Ariete variant or maybe M60A3 Leonardo or Ariete Hitfact mk.2.

No, I don’t want top tier to become kindergarten.

Too late.

I felt Germany could do with perhaps a leopard 2E or some kind, Turkish L2A4 is an idea as well but there is no difference

Yeah, politics is a problem, but there is always the T-84 oplot. When people say it is copy and paste, there isnt an Ukranian version. It also circumvents the political problem of the oplot.

As of right now France Japan Israel and Italy needs a rank 7 premium the most, in the same order.
France: prototype leclerc
Japan: type 90 command
Israel: merkava mk3/LAHAT testbed
Italy: ariete(ariete brigade)

A little bit more about the “Type 90 command” that’s mentioned here:

Yeah. I did talk about the vehicle because gaijin passed it. Still, might be event, squadron or even just in the TT.