New Radar Auto change is Garbage

Last question for you, are there any more plans to add raid-assessment mode?

These are the radars we have confirmed sources for that they had raid assessment mode. Some or most of them have been reported.

Raid assessment mode would allow a radar to maintain some situational awareness while maintaining a single-target track (STT) by quickly scanning in the inmediate area of the target.

Zhuk series radar for Yak-141 and Mig-29SMT(source will be given below)
APG-63 for F-15 (reported)
APG-68 for F-16
RDY for Mirage 2000 (reported)
APG-65 for Harrier (reported)
APG-71 for F-14D (currently not in the game).

Source (page 9/10):

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I can only guess what does it mean for TWS - looks like MPRF/HPRF inverleave during scan.
There is may be an optimization - don’t use HPRF for scan bars it the ground is close on these elevations.
In common case this increases scan time 2 times - will it be useful?


I’m not sure it would be worth the increased 2x scan rate unless offered as an option alongside TWS HDN and TWS PD. Pilots did have the manual override ability to select the ideal waveforms (TWS MAN)

On the Tornado F.3 at least Manual TWS and Automatic TWS both used the same waveform. The name refers to whether the crew were manually managing the radar, or letting the radar manage itself.

Basically in ATWS mode the radar would evaluate all the radar contacts, determine which ones to track, and prioritise them based on the threat they posed (it’s got a bunch more features than that, but they are discussed in the still classified manual that the RAF refused to release). In MTWS mode the aircrew had to initiate and manage tracks manually.

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PRF interleaving uses alternate bars deploying different PRFs. For example a 4 Bar scan will be High Med High Med, then Med High Med High

Compared to using all Med, it allows detection of higher velocity target and longer detection ranges. Compared to using all High, it have better rear aspect detection ranges against running away targets.

Such a method can be used on Range While Scan mode and TWS mode on Su-27, MiG-29, F-18, F-15, AV-8B, and F-16C with AN/APG-68

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In the absence of a specified target angle (ZPS or PPS) from the ground guidance system and with manual control of the RLPK complex, the device operates in a combined mode. This mode is activated by setting the RADAR MODES switch on the PUR-31 remote control to the AUTO position. In this mode, radar operation alternates along the antenna survey lines: HPRF, MPRF, HPRF, MPRF, and so on.

The AUTO switch has a dual purpose: firstly, it allows automatic selection of HPRF or MPRF modes based on commands received from the NASU; secondly, in manual guidance mode, when no commands are received from the NASU, the combined mode is activated. In this case, the radar alternates between HPRF and MPRF modes in a sequence: HPRF, MPRF, HPRF, MPRF (four lines in total). When transitioning from the bottom line to the top, the pulse repetition frequency (Fp) is maintained, and the alternation of Fp is reversed (MPRF, HPRF, MPRF, HPRF). This enables scanning at different frequencies on each line, allowing detection of both approaching and moving-away targets.

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Love update so far @k_stepanovich, but the F-14A & B Tomcat should retain the ability to manually manipulate radar frequencies. It is literally the reason why a radar intercept officer is sitting in the back seat. The F-14 and Tornado should currently have the greatest flexibility and precision when it comes to this new aspect in WT radars.

The issue is that it is less effective in game than when players had manual control. I believe it is intentionally set this way to reduce the efficiency of SARHs as they prepare for active homing radar missiles. Which is ok by me and seems more realistic for single seat aircraft as long as aircraft that have a RIOs & WSOs retain the ability.

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@k_stepanovich I do highly appreciate the update with giving the Tomcat and others the ability to manually select frequency type to a degree. I have not tried it in matches yet. Will provide feedback on how it fairs.

However, doesn’t it make more sense ACM would be the auto waveform feature and tracking initiated by Search at range should allow manual selection even during a single target track via radar intercept officer for the F-14?
Just like it was upon release. The Tomcat is highly specialized for this.

Does not really make sense that only before you enter an ACM track a pilot can switch frequency types, but at range still not possible during a single target track.

The Aim7M does not need illumination during its entire flight as we know. After launch It simply needs a midcourse update and illumination for terminal guidance. The Tomcat should be more than capable of manually manipulating radar modes as the RIO sees fit when a sparrow or Aim54 is in the air.

It seems we still strangling the historical performance of the F-14, but on the right path, I think. I have yet to play it competitively since this and will give it a try.
Again, I do really appreciate the active work on this. I look forward to your future updates. Ty.

Typical Gaijin looking to destroy the community and enjoyment of the game. Changes that only benefit the income stream from idiots with money.

I do hope @k_stepanovich considers giving the Tomcat the ability to change radar frequencies during a single target track. The F-14 is a literal flying radar station. It has an actual radar intercept officer in the back seat to manually manipulate radar frequencies to achieve target clarity.

The Su27 on the flipside has the ability to single target track and switch to IR ACM as it sees fit to further guide a missile when radar frequency is not feasible. That is a tremendous advantage. The F-14 should have something comparable.
Additionally, the Su27 received a trick in targeting opponents passively in ACM far past the 10km distance due to the new auto waveform feature.

The F-14A and Su27 should be the most feared top dogs in BVR. They should be going head-to-head at the same BR. I am still hopeful that when active missiles come the Tomcat and Flanker radars will be unlocked as well as the Aim54.

Perhaps Step and GJ also want to wait until the final iteration of the Tomcat is released and its AN/APG-71? Only time will tell.

Apparently the auto waveform mode is intended to simulate that RIO.

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Right, and I am hoping this is just @k_stepanovich comment on the current state of the changes and a more comprehensive update to these radars are yet to come.

Because how odd is it that he and the team would implement the ability for players to manually move your radar antenna in any desired direction and turn off cyclic switching of radar targets but at the same time remove the ability for highly specialized aircraft’s ability to alter radar frequencies/modes for SARH/ARH missile guidance.

For example, the AWG9 of the F-14 Tomcat had six basic working modes (four of which were pulse-Doppler), with 19 transmission channels for pulse-Doppler search signals, of which 6 were for guidance of AIM-54 missiles, and 5 for AIM-7s.

This aircrafts ability to guide radar missiles was second to literally none. Only surpassed by the F-22 Raptors AN/APG-77


Did you fire a missile at him and see if it actually kept its lock?