New Radar Auto change is Garbage

Taking agency from the players hands is never good.

If you knew what you were doing manual changing of radar modes was more useful. Could not care less about a level 10 F-20 user struggling with radar.
New system is unnecessary and bad.

Why is my radar using standard PD mode on headon target? Causing my missile to pick up non headon targets in the vicinity. I want to use head on lock, but all i can have is pd lock.


Yeah I do not know why gaijin chose to remove the ability to manually swap tracking modes when locked up.

I understand the automation part but removing the manual override is extremely counterproductive.


Radars in real life actually had automatic waveform management. Some radars in-game should use this, and it shouldn’t impact your gameplay negatively.

That shouldn’t be how it works. The problem then will be on the SARH missile seeker that should hone in on the designated target by the radar, which should be the case after new lines of codes have been added to SARH missiles.


They should allow for the option of manual overriding, but in what case is the new automation counterproductive?

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I haven’t tried it yet but the obvious issues is that a target that enters the notch will get locked in LPRF and if they chaff the lock will go to it. Without this feature if they left the notch the radar would relock. So it makes the radar worse at holding lock on players who know what they are doing.


Then the seeker of the SARH missile should filter out the chaff if you had fired one. But if you hadn’t fired the missile, then you could simply unlock and relock to achieve the same results.

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As someone who’s learned how to use manual radar control and when to change radar modes, I despise this change.
Is it even an actual real behavior of radars? Because to me it seems like it was just added to lower the top tier skill floor even more. You know, gotta help the new lvl 6 F-20 horde!

But the worst is the decision to take away manual switching for those who wants it, it baffles me. That’s a slap in the face to people who spent time learning all this, to you know get better at the game.


The locking of manual control when targeting an enemy is counterproductive.

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From my research, these changes are not historically accurate for the phantoms family

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When you talk history, Gaijob tells that’s balance. When you talk balance, they say that’s history.


The worst impact is fighters with IRST like su-27s. You can’t tell when your IRST jumps in, locks a teammate nearby and shuts your radar off.


This is just horrible S*****
Real fun, when using tws , take a hard lock, and suddenly radar “swaps” modes like methhead trying to figure should he look left or right, and suddenly it’s a miss.
Is this seriously done only for “babysitting” these players who just bought F20 , and have 0 clue what is radar, and give a big middlefinger for players who actually plays and learn how to use it


So I took a look over the auto changes, and I can’t see but how this is a helpful change.

I tested it with someone, I had them locked up in TRK PD HDN (HPRF)

Then they went into a near notch, then the radar changed to TRK PD (MPRF)

Then they went into a complete notch where MPRF or HPRF wouldn’t work, the radar changed to Pulse (LPRF).

While maintaining lock, he came back and radar went back into TRK PD (MPRF).

Seems like, if your radar swaps to pulse, your radar was going to lose lock anyway if it didn’t change modes.

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If the radar loses lock it will attempt to relock for 5-20 seconds while maintaining the illumination beam. This is much better behavior than remaining locked and transferring the lock to chaff, or worse entering a mode that cannot support the missile after one has been fired.

There are multiple sources we used to suggest that modern aircrafts have automatic waveform management. Especially RDY, AN/APG-65, AI-24 Fox Hunter, AN/APG-63, AN/APG-68

In most of the cases, radar should choose the most optimal waveform for tracking a target. If it is a long range target, it should use PD HDN, if it is notching, it should use Pulse, other conditions should use PD. If radar cannot track, then IRST would be the last resort.

Now there might be cases where one waveform is better but radar choose another one, which we will be accepting report.

Keep in mind radar and missiles are inherently complex and what players think is a feature might be a bug, and what player think is a bug might be a feature. Without looking at each individual cases (which there will be a lot) it is hard to gauge if something is working as intended. So please make reports and message me to take a look.


Every radar on almost every top-tier aircraft had the ability to manually switch PRF modes. Whether it be through HOTAS interaction, a HDD, or something else of the sorts, it is possible to switch to LPRF/MPRF/HPRF.
In-game, it is now impossible to do so as you are barred from switching radar modes.

It absolutely will impact it negatively. It has no clue what target I’m trying to lock, nor what I need to lock it. It cannot preemptively decide which mode is needed like I can, nor can it use MPRF or HPRF to their advantages in TWS.


What he said has nothing to do with SARH missiles, but lock fidelity and accuracy.

If I am entirely unable to change my PRF, how would the radar itself decide when to switch to MPRF to hold a lock on a soon-to-be notching enemy? How would it know what to switch to when any maneuver is taken, especially with the rudimentary implementation of radar in-game?

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So why would you entirely bar people from deciding which PRF mode to use? Why force players to use an automatic waveform selection?

Why is it not an option like “Constant elevation of radar antenna” or “Targets cyclic switching of aircraft radar”?


Because in real radar, the ability to switch waveform is during searching, most of the modern radar, when in single target tracking, completely remove the ability for switching waveform, instead using automation to perform this process.
For example this is AN/APG-65, as you can see, the entire mode switching process is automated. This both makes player/real pilot having less workload on radar operation.


Alright, this makes sense. But I guess the automation logic needs to be improved over time.