New premium battleships

I have a couple of thoughts on the new premium battleships on offer for the next patch.

Firstly, I really like them. I know they already have sister ships in the tree, and people want to see bigger ships with bigger guns. Until we get higher BR’s though, it’s good to see Britain and Japan getting premium high-tier ships (Italy and France would like a word though).

Secondly, holy crap are these things expensive. As someone who has spent a LOT of money on this game and doesn’t mind spending more, I still think that $70 (Euros/Gaijin coins/your local currency) is too much. I’d say it seems like a money grab, but we all know it is already.

My other concern is that we will soon be seeing (accounts that rhyme with snots) running around with high-tier battleships. Those “players” don’t care about the costs, and it will allow them to more quickly boost their own accounts or sell those accounts to others. I think until the “snots” are addressed more comprehensively (or at all) these ships are going to be abused.

What does everyone else think?


All premiums in this game that are (top-1) rank are all money grabs. Gaijin is trying to advertise top tier for only a small (massive) portion of your/your mum’s monthly salary. No premium in this game should be more than $50 and no premium in this game should be less than 3.0 Br from the top tier in that specific tree (12.3/11.7/7.0).


And that is all needs be said.


Iron duke as premium is what expected. British dreadnoughts were all 6.3, and not well doing nowadays, and Iron duke was already leaked quite ago.
Well for the Nassau and Arakansas, as you know, in War Thunder always the nation who gets first premium vehicle of rank become the worst so not surprising.

Yamashiro was surprise. Kirishima was already mentioned, and as Yamashiro became premium there are no ship to be placed in front of Fuso like Hyuga placed before Ise. That is quite disappointing as one day Japanese not-modernized super dreadnoughts and modernized dreadnoughts should be diviced into different BR and at that day Hyuga has no tech tree friend.

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Then you can waiting for 2024’s 50% off winter sale to buying it.

This adds nothing to the conversation. I suggest people flag it and it get hidden.

That is very interesting, however you will not receive the pre-order bonuses in 3 months.

Flag and title bonus worth? Nope!

I know a few people who won’t touch naval because they only want BBs and CVs. At least with this, we might get more players in who are able to jump straight into BBs. Anything to get us more people playing naval is a bonus in my eyes. I do feel that Gaijin is going to have to look at their premium vehicle prices soon, when we get higher ranks, some of the higher rank premiums we all know that will arrive, are going to be close to or exceeding $100…

But, considering the marketplace right now, which is player ran… People will spend the money…