New premium account avantage - Select maximum uptier

Hello everyone,

In the dynamic world of gaming, premium memberships offer a range of perks to enhance the player experience. However, there’s always room for improvement. One valuable addition could be the option for premium members to select their maximum uptime tier, choosing between 1.0, 0.7, and 0.4.

This feature would grant players greater control over their gaming experience. They could tailor their connectivity settings to suit their preferences and circumstances, ensuring smoother gameplay and fewer interruptions.

Benefits include:

  1. Personalized Experience: Players can adapt their gaming experience to their connectivity needs, enhancing satisfaction.
  2. Flexibility: With multiple uptiers, gamers can navigate various network conditions seamlessly.
  3. Competitive Edge: Stable connections are crucial in competitive gaming; this feature could give players an edge by reducing disruptions.
  4. Increased Value: By offering this feature to premium members, developers enhance the attractiveness of their membership packages.

In summary, the addition of uptime tier selection to premium memberships promises to elevate the gaming experience, offering more control, flexibility, and value to players.

What do you feel about it ?

Would you like to select maximum uptier

  • Yes (for free)
  • Yes (in premium account)
  • No
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No. Gives a unfair advantage.

Just by having premium your k/d ration would go up




If you play with a player in squad that have premium, you could benefit it.

Did you bought “How to speak in corporate for dummies” ?

Anyway, no. This would make the game pay2win.


These two points make me think this might be a chatgpt or very poor translation. Your internet connection would get zero benefit from this.

Looks like he used the term “uptime” instead of “uptier” so it wrote thinking it was for longer server uptime.


Absolutely not. Large uptiers (e.g. 1.0) should be removed from game, not just for premium players.
The moment you let premium players select max uptier you inevitably push lots of F2P players into uptiers, which will ruin their gaming experience further and push them away from the game.

BR decompression is the way to go, not another WoT.



Balance issues are so egregious, even the CCP had to step in.

I agree with chatGPT. But my english is not as good …

As a naval player mainly, having uptier in +1.0 is the most boring thing that you can face of.
For exemple, Coastal fleet is a food for destroyers, destroyers are food for cruisers, cruisers are food for battleships.
And sadly only changing the maximum uptier is the best idea.
But no one care about naval, and no one listen those players.
So have to find a way to catch all players.

But i agree with @Zucc_Boi , maximum uptier should be decreased in overall.
I made this suggestion cause it can bring money to gaijin.

The main issue there is that naval has the worst br compression.

I dont think they can fix it until they add the dynamic br system this year.

Once that is added, i hope they can start to decompress.

The problem are jets. If there are not post war jets, it could work perfecly.
Actually, IMO, if they hold those BR for ships, uptier need to be 0.4 to be perfectly balanced

The dynamic br system being added should fix that. Plane will have a different br for gamemodes. This means they can make jet higher in naval to keep the air balance.

For me, jets should be stopped around near 7.3 and not more.
Jets with bombs already ruin the game


The problem with paying for any advantage in Warthunder is the F2P players whine like hell and Gaijin side with them and nerf the very advantage you pay for which feels fraudulent to the person who paid and leaves them felling cheated.

Bushes are a fine example but shifting BR is another.

How long before Crew skills are destroyed to appease those who contribute nothing to the game financially?

Its cheeky for Gaijin to take money off players then side against them when the F2P mob start bitching about how unfair it is. Gaijin seriously need to grow a pair in this game and stop bowing to the wrong sort of input from this forum.

Its the same reason we have these crummy ,flat empty maps with red zones and stupid prototype vehicles all the place.

My Premium account will expire in a month and that will be the last penny I spend with Gaijin ,they made the last BP almost undoable by giving me tasks that were more luck than skill.

Just bored of it all and as a paying player I feel cheated every day I see a f***d up map and a new nerf. No way would I commit to 6 months or a year in this game anymore, I fear for what next week might bring.

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Also another option to choose the IQ of your opponents… because if today I don’t feel like working hard I’ll set it to 0.3 and the enemies to IQ -12 and run!

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If the max. downtier is also set to this value, why not ?
But that was not the intention, I suggest…

Imagine suggesting actual pay to win…