New players teir jumping just to rush to top tree

is something going to be done about these new players mainly LVL 1 _ 9 tier jumping straight from playing air battles to ruin ground forces games ?
Its annoying, frustrating , they have no clue what the hell to do mainly to get in planes to bomb that’s not the idea ,the whole idea is to take the cap not get a plane and leave .
Something has to change again tonight my teams mainly consisted of lvl 1.8 skill players facing sometimes LVL 100 no wonder players are fed up of the balancing.

is anyone fed up of having 1.3 lvl air battle players on their team especially in a 3.0-3.3 battle with hardly any idea what’s happening

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Hopefully never. The faster the access to all tiers of the game a larger percentage of the playerbase has, the better.

In an ideal world (as in, the kind of “ideal for the players” which is impossible because it would kill the game) every player would have every single vehicle unlocked (and spaded, Ace crew) the moment they create their account.

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well i just wish they spent more time learning tactics and map awareness than bloody zooming from Br to Br with only air battle knowledge .
Its annoying when your in a game and its over in 5 mins due to 3 quarter of the team has died through stupidity and lack of any skill set at all .
I admit got half way up the tiers and got through SLs like sweets till i needed some to upgrade ,they i decided to tank by tank nation by nation Br by Br play each one to get the in game customization camos and learn by trial and error

What BR are you playing?

If it’s low tier, stop complaining, what else are they supposed to do. If it is high tier, then you kinda have a point, but Gaijin won’t change anything.

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im at 3.0 so far but it might be low tier now just wait till they get to high tier and ruin the LVL 100s games

this game doesnt use SBMM and should never do such a thing

Seeing low level players at 3.0 is an extremely common occurrence. Nothing is wrong with a new player being at a low BR in ground.

By the time they get to high tier (without paying $$$) they will have enough experience to be decent players.


Maybe they should use a sbmm, atleast when it’s more than 50+ lvl’s apart

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SBMM is impossible in a game as varied as WT. You will have to adjust for 8 different modes, and many different BRs.

Someone who is good at prop combat, might suck when they play high tier jets, or an arcade player might not be as good at RB, etc.

Eh, maybe. They could also just a add comp game mode so it doesn’t effect the base game. Then they could balance from there.

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I blame that one guy that posts and gloats about how good thier tutorial is.


What nothing… SBMM isn’t the solution that you think it is.

Lol alr alr

SBMM has actually been highlighted recently as detrimental to playerbases, and further more to people not learning anything due to it dumping them in with the ‘bad players’.

It’s a pretty big wish, of those who merely want to blame others.

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It’s because they don’t have time to grind

Eh, that’s mostly a game by game basis. Take CS:GO, it’s basically made to be competitive but also has the casual modes for player’s that don’t want to be competitive.

War thunder being basically the only game of its kind (Not as Arcady as wot and such), We don’t really know how well it would be received by adding a comp game mode. If it’s well received then let’s keep it, if not then get rid of it.

Sorry, but the topic isn’t about your wanted machanic, and I said it’s easily flawed, in whatever game you highlight it in due to it’s genuine principals.

The fact that this thread is about trying to point out bad players who have got their vehicles in a certain manner, is the same blame mentality.

If you think someone is playing bad, then try help them out and educate them… Much the same as if you’re finding bad teams, make effort and try contact them.

true, im giving an option that would basically stop bad player’s from meeting good player’s. Which is an option, not the only one though.

@Brumpoet What are your thought’s? Does a Comp SBMM work for your post? Or are you thinking something different?

Trying to bring the SBMM into it at all now is trying to force that suggestion upon this, where it wouldn’t fit for the points I mentioned…

Whilst people propose it often they ignore the genuine downsides of it for the hope that they’ll get something done about what they seen was the failures, being others…