New players causing the New era of Spawn camping?

Like most of us players, I have played for a long time, Pushing 5,991.3 hours in-game as of now.

But BOY have I seen a lot in the last 2 years in this game, but one thing I’ve noticed is the change in the Idea of the spawn camper, the spawn camper used to be the simple player who would find his way into the spawn No matter the map, he avoids all battles he is focused on one thing, that’s a hull down position into your spawn.

The spawn camper of now is A player in a Prem tank, I’m looking at you Mr. Type 10, 2S38, and all the wheelie boys, they don’t care for the gameplay just that much loved Glory RP and SL, they will Swamp your spawn basically limiting your team to one spawn, they also seem to 1death leave even when looking at what line up they may have they should have 2/3 other tanks, I’ve come to the understanding that its easier for the new players to one death leave but whats ever more time effective for max SL and RP is to bum rush spawn get as much kills and Damage (Critical hits, as this gives you assist kills after the match) and once you die right to the next game rinse and repeat, It’s highly efficient and works well

I’ve seen a few matches in the mid-tiers where 90% is on one side of the map, caps, and then pushes for the nearest spawn and then sits there.

Meanwhile, the enemy spawns on the other side and rolls up their flanks.

Yesterday I had one abroomz clickbait on my team, rather than capping the point, immediately went though it (without capping) and went over to ‘try’ to spawn camp. emphasis on the try, as he hit someone with spawn immunity and immediately got one shot…

Not to mention we had like 1k tickets left, and because of him not getting that cap (I went from B because I assumed he had A point) we lost the game on tickets…

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I don’t understand how people can ignore caps like that. They give you just as much or more SL/RP than a kill, and they also help your team win.

Most of my deaths was from trying to cap, either by CAS while capping or killed by tanks while moving to cap lol


Because they don’t care about winning. They are there for the kills.