New players and others battle training tutorials

Can we have have a new not so much tutorial but a basic game training section before any of them are let loose to ruin gameplay.
The tutorials as they stand are the first line of getting to play the game as we all know ,But!!! they dont teach or show how to play in a live game ,its a case of learn by trial and error up to now .
Cant we have a new section dealing with all the aspects of game play ?,IE!!!
flanking targeting ,capping , using the map awareness (very important) etc etc.
Because games are not being helped by the MM bringing players together when half of them dont have a clue except how to sit and die or get a plane ,fly and comeback to no tank .
Surely the minds at WT can think up an easy but intensive battle training mode (maybe on 3 levels of training Easy, medium and harder ) Which would at least give them some idea what to expect in ground forces coming straight from air battles with no idea.
AI could be the enemy and place players in battle modes that all could hone their skills on too.
That way maybe games would not be ruined by selfish players who just want to fly and bomb other players without at least trying to help the team win
Just an idea

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You can teach many these by actually taking new players under your wing and helping them learn the game.

Right now no-one even tries to squad, or help new players. It’s evident in the chat channels merely recruiting, and there’s no-one sits in the squad channel, along with no-one asking in atches if anyone wants to squad.

When youeven say ANYTHING in chat that’s remotely positive or wanting teamwork, you’re met with resoundin hostility and swearing.

This is where the community has an actual problem.


that’s why i suggested this maybe some expert players could set up training rooms for new and others to show them the ins and outs of the game to make them better players.
whether it would help is anyone’s guess

I used to hang out helping players, but more recently I’ve been berated and mocked, abused and insulted to the stage where I’ve given up…

Any advice I was giving out in chat would be met with thrid parties coming in and throwing out ‘You’re wrong’ and ‘That’s not how it works’ and all the nonsense uncontended, and often I’d end up dogpiled and ganged up on for merely being positive.

I’d be told by moderators to take the discussion then to PMs rather than having any sort of actual moderation to sort out the problem.

In short the trouble I faced in even trying to remain positive has jaded me quite a bit, but I do know it’s the players that are doing this and have caused this by just dismissing AY effort to turnanythying around for the sae of them blaming everyone else and the game to avoid being the reason for thier loss.


Have you tried giving advice to kids? Straight in 1 ear and straight out the other, or you just get either ignored or abused.

Kids with keyboards are the new version of the old “Telephone Tough Guy”.


xD I used to work on an ISP helpdesk, and even a frontman for a techician repair desk in a major manufacturer. This is indeed true ;)

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Screw what other people think. If people are actively seeking help and you help them. You’re the better person. Don’t let other people make you feel bad. You just keep doing you. And kill the distractors with kindness. Eventually they’ll get bored and move along.


Yea, it’s pretty hard when those who you try to help are being led astray by those who are jaded and have no interest in helping them, just telling someone they see in chat all the time that they are wrong, just so they feel better.

But yea, I may have to get in there again and give a bit more :)

You’re good :)


I must admit that most of the advice I give and it is listened to, is doing the once a day Assault Air Arcade for the Booster. And others that also know how to win those, back me up with the same advice too. Because players listen in that game mode, we don’t lose that many games and nearly always get the daily 300% booster and universal back-up. It seems you get different mentalities in the different game modes.

Because it’s annoying to squad with people, it’s another bad feature.

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