New player going to leave

It’s not called rage thunder for nothing! Been at it for years, I’m a Naval player who also plays ground. My ships are all 7 my US ground lineup just hit 11. I’ve been playing for YEARS. Soviet tree’s not far behind. Every other tree is below 5. Several at 1. I wanted to grind to the equipment we had when I was in Iraq, that was the reward. Using Naval vessels my grand fathers served on in WWII, Korea, and Nam. You get from the game what you put into it. When you get frustrated take a break, try out naval, learn some new history from the Fat Electrician, open another country tree and start over again, learn, train, fight. You got this.

You are not wrong, I’m currently playing france at a BR 1 spading slow because its a blast being pre tiger.

weeweewee. someone got butthurt! Awwww.

That’s a terrible comparison.

It’s worse than you think, the grind is unbearably slow even for experienced players.

Man, I’m gonna be rich on how many times i’ve seen this.

It ain’t difficult bro
Just go take notes
Do research
Watch videos
Read guides
Modify game to match you needs

Ah yes, simple. Pick up and play style game, simple.