New player going to leave

Yes that is Warthunder unfortunately, still at least Anton took you for only $100 ,could have been worse 😆

I think you should give it a little more time and patience. As someone with well over 7.5k hours on file post-Steam release, you have to like the game. I still have not unlocked everything. Enjoy the game, don’t “grind” it.

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I respect your frustration. If the grind becomes too much, relax and go back down. The planes aren’t going anywhere.

DEFYN and Jengar both have amazing tutorials for Japanese aircraft.

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Just thank your lucky stars that you realised quite soon it is all hype, smoke and mirrors.
Be thankful you were only taken in for 200 hours and a hundred dollars. Some of the rubes, schmucks and marks have been rinsed for thousands of hours and thousands of dollars.

And against their own will!

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I think, what some of these folks are trying to point out, is that there is progression, it just might not be what everyone expects it to be. War Thunder is designed for the “long game”, “slow” progression is part of the deal. Even tho they have added high tier premiums, and most Squadron vehicles are also of a higher BR and not that slow or difficult to acquire, the game is simply not designed for easy/early access to top tier vehicles/game play. And even tho the tech trees look like & appear to lead straight to the modern vehicles, that is not specifically the “object” of the game, nor a requirement. To get there one would need to spend a good deal of money and/or play a LOT . . . this is the way. You don’t “win” or beat the game, there is not actual end point. Each player plays differently and determines what they want to get out of the game. Each of us may have different wants/wishes, likes/dislikes & goals for our own game and that’s ok. They have given us a game with a WIDE variety of choices to make, vehicle types, modes, tiers/BR ranges to play and how to play them. Heck, a huge part of the game, and often overlooked, is just figuring out a lot of things work . . . that too, is a skill here.
Things change as you advance up any of the tech trees, tier V seems to be where things begin to slow down, and it’s not just for you, it is for everyone. Costs go up and require more time/energy to accomplish things like researching a vehicle or even the mods for the new ones you gather in. If you find yourself getting frustrated, I suggest dropping back to some lower BR and finding some less stressful game modes for you that are more “fun” and less like “work”. If WT starts to become a “chore”, the fun will soon fade. Nothing wrong with easing up on your goals or expectations for the game . . . again, it’s the “long” game more than immediate self gratification that counts. This is game design, trying to go against it will give you a headache, or . . . you can end up feeling much like you are right now. And also good to remember, the money you may spend and the time you put into the game are no guarantee that you reach a certain point in the game. Unrealistic expectations almost always lead to disappointments . . sorry no easy answers, but altering your point of view can help from angst & frustration. . . . sometimes anyway . … . . Good Luck


You are correct in everything you say. After 3 years I really want to love this game.
I found the air game to be terrible but I love GRB but it is the same with GRB.

Yes you will get better as a player, you will learn the maps then Gaijin will later change those maps meaning your knowledge counts for nothing anymore.

You will find good hiding spots and Gaijin will remove them. You will use the terrain to create tactics and finally get some kills and Gaijin will alter that terrain and send you back to square one.

You will learn to use CAS and Gaijin will alter your favourite plane without telling you or simply mess with CAS some other way.

You will get a good line up and Gaijin will destroy that line up by shifting BR.

You will come to love a certain BR only to have Gaijin flood it with silly ill-fitting vehicles that destroy the meta of it all.

You will eventually get to your favourite legendary vehicles ( like a Tiger maybe) and find yourself uptierd so your vehicle has zero impact in the game and is a crashing disappointment.

Just as you get to grips with Warthunder it changes, moves the goalposts, never ever settles down. Do yourself a favour and quit now because it’s getting worse not better.
Don’t spend the money I have spent on a game that constantly does its best to push you away at every opportunity. Or you can grind yourself to top tier and hate it as much as everybody else at top tier seems to.

War Thunder is a game that does everything it can to make sure your experience as a player counts for nothing and the money you spent means nothing. Constantly nerfing, changing ,ruining with every update.

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Yes…because making some vehicles stronger than anything else would break the game. It was clear from the start that vehicles are matched with “similar” opponents and NOT historically matched.
For your Tiger to be a great killing machine, someone else would have to be mismatched…and die a lot. (and Tiger is actually above average)

Experience counts A LOT…good players get way better results…i know because they keep kiling me :). You learn maps, tactics, aiming, driving…
Money is not a game changer…it allows you to progress FASTER, not play BETTER.

WT has lots of flaws, but making paid content NOT DECISIVE is actually a very good decision for the MAJORITY of the players. You can buy a top machine, but it is still up to you to learn how to use it.


You are most certainly manipulated, companies employ psychologists with very nice degrees who know how your mind works and what makes you tick better than you actually know yourself. It is very easy to push people into doing what you want them to do with them actually thinking they are in charge making the decisions.

That is the reason for the disappointment not a cure for it.

I felt it was starting to come together then Gaijin did exactly what I said they did and I now feel I am back where I started. Only on the maps they left untouched do I have success that is an increase from my starting days. You can’t be ignorant of how much the maps have been ruined as a player yourself.

But you caught them with their pants down!

It actually depends. Some maps i liked the changes, others not so much. I keep adapting and trying to find good spots. Some maps i don’t like, others i enjoy much more…
Same to vehicles…so in the end i try to play what i like…
It helps a lot not caring too much about deaths and losses…i pretend it is just a game. I guess that if you dedicate too much thought on objectives, quests and so on, then the game can be frustrating…too many goal posts and some are a bit far.


I would agree that entering the game in the correct frame of mind is important. Many of us may just throw it on out of habit and really not be as switched on as we could be ,we get lazy, we don’t really look properly, we get killed and we blame the game. Some times we are in the mood to over look the games bad points sometimes we might not be.

I think overall if you do want a player to learn from experience and gain reward from that experience in the form of getting kills then must have an inherently stable game and WT is not. Every update more chaos, more change in the things that should not change and no change for the things that need fixing. The road map is corrupt.

Take chess for example? How would you become a master if the game changed every five minutes? How would you benefit from playing 100 games as opposed to a thousand if you had to relearn the board every three months? Map knowledge of so many maps takes time, maps need to be left so new players can gain map knowledge.

Moving BR isnt even necessary unless a vehicle is new .It is just another flux issue ,another pain in the ass to endure.Something WT has always done that is would be better if it stopped doing it.

Take the UK Comet 5.3 when I started the game then after two years it jumps up (5.7?), destroys my line up because everything else is 5.3 and I remove it, stop playing it and low and behold Gaijin have to drop it back to 5.3 because everybody else did the same presumably. What was the point of that? What a silly exercise. This is an example of what makes me play less and less and maybe the reason new players and old players are leaving.

Problem is that the “things” you mention above are different for you, me and any other player…

As an example:

I disagree…game is fluid (as you yourself mention)…so BRs have to adjust. I believe many vehicles could and should change BR…as i also believe some changes were not justified. Funny thing…every change they make will impact the other vehicles eventually justifying other changes…and so on…

I dont see what good would do to have the game in “forced” stability…this would probably mean that whatever vehicles were too strong at their BR would remain so for longer and players would eventually converge into a meta.
I dont mind changes to BR, even if a lot of them annoyed me in the past…keeps game in motion and avoids too strong metas…IMHO.

IF you ever want some type of e-sports, then yes…you need rules to enforce fairness and stability…but i doubt this would make the game more fun.

Anyway…my 2 cents…somebody above said i was being ignorant…perhaps he was right :) :) :)

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I can only come on here as a player and share my experience of the game.
I am willing to praise the bad as I see it and point out the faults.

Lack of trust in Gaijin is a big well-known issue across every forum and so is an inability for new players to get into the game. You need to throw them a bone vey now and then instead of expecting them to study for hours. Work with human nature instead of against it.
I played video games since 1976,I have a vague Idea of when a game is working and failing, good and bad, like any critic, experience is the key whether its wine, films, food.
Atari2600, Mega drive, Ps1,2,3 4, Xbox X etc ,done them all, Home computers from Zx Spectrum.Com4/Amiga to Top gaming PC, had the lot.I am not a programming expert but I know a good game and why its a good game.

You do not need to ruin players line ups in a casual manner especially in a nation where there are no alternatives like France, Japan Italy ,China.You are forcing 4.7 to face 6.7 sometimes, just because you raised a vehicle from 5.3 to 5.7. To make BR change trivial is a major fault in the game.

Just curious…what would be a GOOD PVP game for you?
(Really asking…also playing since ZX spectrum, just not so many systems :) )
Bear in mind…i asked PVP…single player games have different benchmarks.

Doom was one of the first. As was demolition derby. We had to link two PS1s together via a cable and have two TVs back-to-back. Medal of honour came later, along with the concept of clipping, spawn camping and cheating.

One was a simple first-person shooter, choice of weaponry. Fixed mazes that you came to learn. Simple but addictive. The game could make you jump sometimes.

Demolition derby was a stock car game, racing and smashing until there was only one of you left. Two players and computer-controlled cars. Again ,simple but great fun.

Quite often it came down to you or the other guy and became quite desperate but if you lost you took it on the chin because it was fair and a good enjoyable fight.

The latter is the thing that CAS destroys in GRB. The face off between you and the other player, you in your Sherman jumbo, them in their Tiger E ,dueling, having fun then suddenly CAS just ends it. Just little moments of magic that could be in the game but WT dont allow to happen often enough. Harder and harder to find the magic in this game of late.

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Ok…we a bit offtopic, but i guess no issue on this topic :)

Games where you play with friends (or at least people you know) are easier to make fair. Not to mention that if the “vehicle” is the same, then it is even easier…
In my case we played DESCENT on PC…not sure if you know it. Used college network.

MY point was more…is there a “open” PVP game you like more than War Thunder. I tried Battlefront, Call of Duty, World of Tanks even Fortnite…always come back to WT as i like it much more, even with its flaws.


A bit off topic but War Thunder can have that same appeal, it just try’s to do far too much. It could do so much more to retain it’s player base assuming that is of importance.

I just go play single player games when WT fails me like Fallout. It just means I am not
playing WT and not spending.
I have played WoT and I feel if WT went no CAS GRB it would destroy WoT.

But the opposition doesnt get better, its much better from day 1. Maybe they should have a newby level to ease people in, instead of playing level 100. I wasnt finding it fun and was at BR5, I then went back to 1 and found it easier. The silly impossible sniping shots have become less but you soon realise the huge bias with russian/german is real

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