New player going to leave

I really wanted to love this game. I have a bit over 200 hours in it now and wanted to go further. Unfortunately the grind is becoming too frustrating and too challenging. I put hours into this game only to feel like I am getting nowhere. I spent about $100 so far, have a premium account, bought some skins, but I feel like there’s no reason to pay gaijin anyone, or to play their game for that matter.

I am at about 5.0 on the Japanese air tech tree, after 200 hours I feel I should be a lot further. This isn’t a game, it’s a chore. I start a game, get shot by people who have far too much skill, and leave almost every game feeling frustrated. There’s no good combat, it’s just dying to high skill players over and over. If i play 5.7 I just get owned even harder but jets who are too fast to shoot. I don’t want to play against jets when you wont even let me have my own jet yet.

If I had to guess, I would say 90% of the match rewards go to 20% of the players, and the rest of us have to suffer.

No game should leave you feeling frustrated as much as this crapshoot. At least if I am dying over and over reward me for being fodder for the skilled pilots.

I want progression, but I feel like there’s no progression.


Only wants to be the seal clubber, not the seal clubee… got it…



Wdym “There’s no good combat, it’s just dying to high skill players over and over”? That’s the point of every pvp game isn’t it? Like imagine being CSGO silver and complain that Faceit lvl10 guys play better than you. You don’t make any sense.


I feel like there is no progression. I am happy to die, as long as I progress somewhat at the same time. As I wrote, I feel like there is no progression.

Progression is linked to skill in WT, and if other people have more skill than you, you progress slower. This should make sense, so I unsure who you cant make any sense of it…

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There IS progression. Your problem is that you don’t improve at all.
Do some research, check out youtube guides, change your playstyle, modify game setting to match your needs and use your brain. It ain’t difficult bro.


You can’t progress faster than you learn. Go back to rank 1 or 2 and learn to enjoy the game.

Also, you have 62 japanese vehicles, of these are only 20 spaded, so you are kind of focussing on meta vehicles or rushing. Go back and spade all those vehicles.

Stop rushing the trees, there is no gold at the rainbows end.


There is a progression, you just have to realize that it takes longer for some than others…
200 hours isn’t much… You can’t go too fast.
If you see that it’s not working in 5.0, go back down to br, for example in 3.7, with the Ki-44-II Hei, which is well balanced.

Remember to go up in altitude.
Altitude is the key to being last on the ground.

Watch tutorials, see about joining a team to play in a squad and learn little by little.

Youtuber: AdamTheEnginerd


Ce texte sera masqué

And don’t hesitate to change nations to discover other gameplay styles. In airplanes, each nation has its own strengths in specific areas of flight and attack (Boom and zoom, turnfight, running…).


It took me near 2000 hours to reach top tier of German ground force without any premium benefits. If you think that you cannot commit at least 2000 hours to learn the game, then it’s better for you to leave the game. It’s not for you. Also, as a side note some peoples are saying that game progression is too much fast, and peoples reach top tier without knowing a thing about the game. Here a recent topic about it: Game progression too fast
I don’t agree with them though.

Progression gets slower as you climb the ranks…and opposition gets better…
My solution was playing other nations, play at level i can compete…and accept my limitations on higher tier games…
I have fun playing even when i die early…i try to learn why i died…

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You’re the kind of player that gaijin have been looking for over the last few years, they don’t think about keeping old players any more, they focus on new players who arrive and cashplay to leave 1 month later, you’re not the only one in this situation unfortunately…

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Learn dogfightning strategies, train your situational awaraness skills, there are a lot of resources in youtube and google

Tanks? What tanks?

Not always. You can do stuff that is not really linked to skill. Like bombing bases in bombers

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At grammar?

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Is Japanese Air as overBRed in RB as AB?

Might sound funny but it took me a year to understand the concept of Air RB and another for Ground RB. This game isnt so diferent from games such as CSGO and so on in terms of learning curve. difference is your progression is somewhat linked to that. A little patience and you will get there buddy.

Best of luck o7


Don’t expect the game be easier at higher ranks. It will be quite the opposite thanks to more seasoned players.

You also won’t find more fun at high ranks. From what I understand you play mainly Air, and rank 2 is considered the most fun rank in Air, so again, don’t expect it to bring more fun the higher rank you go.

Regarding spending money, I spent 16€ at around 400th hour ingame and only after I considered I got so much fun out of the game that I should give them some money for it.
Don’t give them money expecting fun in return. Give then money only when you consider the game to be fun. That’s the way free2play business model should work.

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The fact that author is over exaggerating the grind problem due to, let’s be frank, lack of skill, doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there. There are about 20+ tech trees in the game. Researching a single one, even for a reasonably skilled player with premium account and premium vehicles can take 100-200 hours. And without premium stuff, it’s basically multiple months of grinding one tech tree if you don’t play 8 hours each day.

A lot of new players are coming to the game because of those update trailers with all that shiny new top tier stuff, and then they get disappointed because to actually get to that stuff they need to spend hundreds of hours in the game.

I don’t have gaijin statistics, of course, but I’m pretty sure that majority of players who leave the game, leave it before even reaching rank 5-6.

The issue got smaller with recent RP changes like grouping, but it’s only going to get worse with addition of newer stuff.


Over-BR’ed? Yes. However that’s also due to a skill gap, a lot of us Japanese mains tend to be more skilled than some other nations since often we were the punching bag for years. So when we play another nation people complain/whine about we just shrug wondering “What the hell is wrong with me” since often the vehicles of other nations are what we would wish an equal for.

Do you want progress to specific Aircraft, or do you just want to progress through the tech tree faster?