New player buying top tier vehicles

about new players buying top tier premium vehicles… I have a solution for that, if a new player buys for ex T-72 TURMS and he only have this vehicle in USSR nation, he should be given 3 backups every game (like the M-51 in the Israel tech tree) for free, so that we no longer see players leaving the match from the first death, until he unlocks a vehicle in the tech tree with the same BR or 0.3 lower he will no longer be able to benefit from the backups

You already get bunch of respawns.

Their argument is that game is already decided so they just leave…

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why ?
what would change ? More free rp for ppl that farm those … ?
why not put them in some sort of single Death queue… ?

Gaijin doesnt care about gameplay.

The easy fix is dont let people buy a tank at a rank they havent yet unlocked. Tons of solutions but Gaijin dont care.

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But then who will piggy up for $70 top tier tanks???