New patch broken

why after the new patch it say drop bomb series command is blocked by active weapon selector

before the new patch i could have different bombs and could drop each bomb category alone and not all the bombs together right now, i could destroy 3 bases now i can only get 1 base ):

broken patch

Wait, so now if you have 2 or more bomb types and bomb series configured, you can drop all of those bombs at once?

You call this a bug, for me it would be a long awaited feature…

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bro what are you even talking about there was allways a way to drop all the bombs even before the update with ‘‘selection off’’ but now you must drop all the bombs at once and you only can blow up 1 base when before the update you could choose what category of bombs you want to drop and you could spilit the category to blow up 2-3 bases do a research before you write something again jess…

As to the bomb series, no, I tried it out quite a few times with different settings and binds and even using bomb series I could not drop all bombs of different types with one pickle, but only all of one type with a pickle, all of another type with a second pickle - which makes e.g. CCRP usage impossible. But this was before “Attila”.

Prime example for this behaviour I always experienced is the F-84F, which can carry 2x Mk.83 and 2x Mk.84, and since several major patches (since that one second delay between weapon types was introduced) can not drop them anymore all at once, even when using “bomb series”. So killing a full base in one CCRP run with dumb bombs is not possible anymore with the 84F. Similarly the Buccaneer S.1, with 8x 1’000 pounders, but of two different types: not able to kill a full base in on CCRP run.

So for using CCRP with the F-84F, I had to switch to use 4x Napalm instead, which is also capable of killing one base. Or to the load with 8x retarded 1’000 pounders in the Bucc - both options with tactical drawbacks…

What always worked is of course the weapon selection and setting of ripple quantity - but this with massive caveat that the only possible ripple quantities are 2, 4, 8,… S, but in many instances other quantities (e.g. 6, 12 for Mk.83 and Mk.82) would be very useful (noteworthy example here the Tornado IDS with 12X Mk.83: 6x are needed per base, ripple quanity only allows 8x and 8x - too much for one and too little for two bases…). Again this obviously only over one bomb type.

But wouldn’t this be the solution for your case, that you can drop 3 different bombs onto 3 different targets, using weapon selection and ripple quantity, or do I misunderstand you somewhere?

I don’t understand how to use the “Drop bomb series” now - I can’t get it to drop anything regardless of if I have 1 or 2 types of ordnance. Now I either have to make 2 runs or make sure I drop from a high enough altitude to be able hit the button twice and still be on target.

Also there should be a way to set the ripple quantity to “all” for when you’re carrying an odd number (i.e. 3 2000 lb bombs).

Set ripple to 2, drop / switch / drop.
There’s little to no delay.

Ripple to continuous?

I don’t carry two types of bombs, what I do is I think what you described (without the /switch/)
Set to 2, drop, drop

I’ve not tried S (Continuous) because to me it sounds like one after another. I used to use the “Drop series” button but it’s function appears to have changed (I only ever et the OP error “blocked by active weapon selector”)

I also used the “Drop bomb serires” button to drop all bombs when I did carry 2 types (i.e. working towards unlocking the bigger bombs) and I found had to drop the whole load; I assuming this will no longer work but I never found it to work as OP suggests (where it only drops all of a particular payload type)

If you use Continuous you can simply hold your drop button and it will drop all.

Ah… So you mean 3 of the same bombs, though Ripple is either 2 (able to) or 4 (not able to)?
I’d say use continuous, or just spam 2.
I would like for a “drop all” option, too.

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To use bomb series. Just set a binding for “exit secondary weapon mode”. Then bomb series will work just fine. Alternatively, use ripple modes to select a bomb drop amount

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