New Objectives / Gamemode for Ground, right now quite repetitive

Basically what the Title says.

I noticed this very much during the Object 292 Event just how repetitive this Game is even when rotating between various Nation and Realistic and Arcade, especially during the last few Stages it got really boring and repetitve and i already tried out a lot of different Vehicles, Playstyles and Co. but theres really only so much one can do differently each Match, the Objectives always remains the same.

New Vehicles ever so often is always nice however its ultimately kinda always the same. 7vs7 up to 16vs16 with 1 to 3 Objectives and thats it.

It doesn’t even really have to be something big like an entirely new Gamemode but maybe some smaller Side-Objectives to do alongside the 1-3 Caps

a fourth Cap (the D point)

maybe an armoured Train carrying some Cargo driving through the Map which has to be destroyed (or protected until it reaches xy Spot)

larger Maps with more Players with 3 Respawns like in Arcade and similar to Battlefield V where one can respawn in/near Capture Points (as long as there isn’t fighting closeby) so you don’t have to drive for 10 Hours in some Vehicles.

a third point to spawn in would also improve so much and reduce spawn camping while also giving the losing team more chance to come back since its harder to rush/spawn camp three spots instead of two

Just some Ideas, i think there certainly is quite a lot which could be done if we brainstorm a bit and it would really improve the Game


Maps with more capture points, respawning on capture points, and unlimited respawns (Battlefield Conquest) would definitely be worth trying.

Modes should definitely stick to the standard video game bread and butter style of modes though, like the (CoD) Domination/Hardpoint/TDM trio we have now.

Some slightly more elaborate (Halo) modes could be neat to try as well though, like Capture The Flag or Oddball.

Or a single-life elimination mode, like Air RB. Though it would likely need to be Ground SB and not Ground RB, given the latter’s questionable mechanics.

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Capture the Flag would be fun lol

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That’s where SRB (SRE) comes in.