New Object 279 problem

Well, now I am seeing a new issue with the Object 279. People are just leaving the game. Had a good 5 games this evening with the Object 279 being in each of them. Players would call out the vehicle and half the team would just leave the match after they die without even bothering.

When players are 1 death quitting to not bother with one vehicle. Its a game balance issue that should be fixed sooner rather than later.

Sure, the Conqueror to 8.0 as well. M4A2 to 4.3.

To be frank, those people leaving are the problem.

The tank is the problem. Players are just out right calling out 279s, and other players are just quitting. This isn’t a problem with players if its a problem keeping teams in game.

Oh no, I have a 279 too! Guess I better play some cuz it seems like an absolut blast lmao.