New nuke planes

I am not sure if this idea was passed before, so I’m sorry if it was already bought up earlier.

A lot of players keep talking about the B36, Avro Vulcan, B52 etc.

As these bombers would most likely not be very useful in ground or air RB, they could be added as Nuke planes.
First, it would make the nuke more desireable (cause you can fly those planes then for a short time) and it would be a solution to introduce these very special aircrafts in the game.

Kind of Like: B36 vs TU95, Vulcan vs B52 vs M4 bison, B2 / B1B vs TU160

The Set up is just an idea but I think you get the point.

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Gaijin isn’t going to pay for vehicles to be modelled, rigged, and implemented into the game just for one little aspect of it.
Also, the game mechanic requires airfield spawn. You would not want to try to take off and “fly to to the battlefield” in a Bear, Peacekeeper, or B-52 in an RB game.
Just wait until they are added to the game.

Give the Mirage 2000N with the ASMP!!!

Thanks for the Feedback. The cost point is probably the biggest issue, I agree on that.
The spawn isn’t so bad, if i recall correctly, the B29 spawns also in the air (at least on some maps).
Some of these planes would have already make sense (timeline wise) to be added, I think the bomb load - counter aircraft - balance is the problem.

I can say right now that I would be furious if they added new vehicles to the game and restricted them purely to nukes.

They won’t be. Gaijin has made it clear bombers were something they regret adding.

Unless you can nuke “bases” in Air RB…

Cite sources, since…

I’d be fine if they were added as pretty shitty planes in ARB/GRB that also happened to be nuke planes. I just heavily dislike the idea of wanting to fly the Vulcan for instance and only being able to do it maybe 3 times in my life.

Hm, good point.
I just thought about this option so that these planes could be added at all.
I do hope we see them at a point in time in the future.

“Early B-36s had six turrets like the General Electric model on display, which mounts two M24 20mm cannons. Separate gunners operated each turret by remote control in individual sighting stations. When not in use, turrets retracted into the Peacemaker’s fuselage to cut wind resistance and save fuel, thus preserving the bomber’s great range. A turret in the tail was radar-aimed and nonretractable. The nose also had a nonretractable turret.”

Its irl range was from Maine to Leningrad or whatever it is called today.
The B-36 can drop over 86,000-87,200 pounds(40,000 kilograms of bombs). So i would beg a massive differ on its lethality in a GRB match.

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I wouid pay to hear that in game

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Just give me nuke delivery with flares and I’m happy and on board, tired of getting a FRICKEN AIM-9M up my exhaust after having a great match… what am I supposed to do against that huh gaijin?

I’ve thought about this for several months now even though I rarely play GF but imo, They should allow you to use any aircraft in your lineup if it was capable IRL for carrying a nuclear bomb.

So if a player doesn’t have any aircraft they keep the current aircraft but if a player does have a lot of aircraft researched an have say a:

• Dassault Mirage 2000D-R1 (inplace of a Mirage 2000N) you can use it for for the same cost or if the devs are generous slightly lower SP since it’s your aircraft.

• Bomb wise it could a default loadout in your to hit ground & or if they wanted to give all aircraft with custom loadouts the option to put a nuclear bomb into the bomb list so you could add them to a loadout with AAM’s & countermeasure pods for self defence depending on the aircraft.

Example: The Mirage 2000D-R1 has the nuclear bomb on the centreline plyon an on the outter plyons two R.550 M2 AAM’s.