New Naval UI

The new naval UI is extremely difficult to use.

For example, the radar and new UI are choices that players must make.

My impression while playing was that it didn’t need to be visible all the time.

For example,

  1. When in third person view, use the radar,
  2. When you lock onto an aircraft and look through the binoculars, use the radar, and
  3. When you lock onto an enemy ship and look through the binoculars, use the new UI, so players won’t have to switch between them.

This is just one example, but there are many other things I’m curious about. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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I never used the green arrow and I wont use the new UI. I researched almost whole Japan TT (blue and coastal) when there was none of this… Same as with tanks and rangefinder…

Not to mention green arrow is very unreliable. On ships with long update time when I lock target that is constantly changing speed and course, the arrow will never be correct.

New UI might be usable in Naval EC to tell bearing but thats pretty much it…


They need to change the enemy ship display to relative angle instead of north-up, but other than that it seems a solid addition.


The green arrow is a reference point. You make your adjustments from based on the enemies speed, Heading and were you want to hit them.

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I didn’t notice much difference in the lead indicator other than changing the color of it. The “shot clock” is redundant and the damage indicator is I guess helpful in picking out the ships that are the weakest so you can try to steal someone else’s kill. ;/

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I know

I feel like all the FCS have ever done for me recently is to show just how heavy is the RNG in the volley for every time I’ve bracketed a ship… Skill issue aside, I feel like there should be a toggle to turn this on and off in the settings though, since I felt like I can intuit the correction just fine by watching how shots land in the water and cross reference it with target’s range.

I hear people saying that but I can’t really picture it.

Our point of view from the mouse input swings around all the time. It couldn’t keep up. The whole point of it is it only updates periodically based on the quality of your fire control system.

If all it was was relative to degrees off bow, it wouldn’t be that much more useful than it is now. You’re not looking directly over your bow when you shoot most of the time.

Oh they’ve made the the brackets and ranging on enemy ships much more subdued now to where they are hard to pick out from the clutter. In fact most of the time I see the lead chevron first now. Its grate…

If not locked to bino view, then bow-up would at least be much better. Compass directions aren’t relevant and just mean you have to constantly watch both displays.

So I think the way to look at it is they’re trying to simulate a separate “chart” view, where target track was displayed, without radical changes to the existing views.

Because the plot (both you direction and the target’s) only updates when the FCS gives new data (a new addition to the track on the chart), its going to lag behind maneuver on a lot of ships as well. A destroyer at speed can completely turn around in the 15 second interval it takes the FCS to calculate a new plot. (Also it has to work as part of a HUD.) In the case of that, then in a bow-view bottom display, the bottom ship silhouette would never move and the target silhouette would completely flip around (again, only when the FCS caught up). Not sure that wouldn’t be just as confusing as what we have.

So if they’re going to stick to that update-delay idea out of a sense of realism, and not have a separate FCS “chart” view, it seems harder to come up with something that would be significantly different than what they made here. Not impossible, I don’t think, but harder than just saying “orient to my field of view” or “orient it to the bow at all times”.