New Naval "Fluff"

The new “additions” are annoying to put it mildly please allow us to turn it all off… some of us don’t need mobile game hand holding

ps. The indicator in the top right needs the crew indicator as a darker background (as you can see from the image)


Turning more and more into World of Warships.

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Surface Search Radar when?

MBIC, the FCS (top left) is something a whole lot of ships had/have IRL

Not every addition is world of warships


I hate it that when I select enemy ship now, it shows damage being done live by my teammates. I want just to see the damage my shells make, as it used to be (and make the overall updated damage when my shells hit again). This tells me my shells are on target. Now it’s just a mess of information.
To solve this, make the background color of the damage window flash different color to indicate hits done by my shells. This way we can keep seeing damage done by teammates as well.

Also that aiming chevron is bit too fat (this one in Arcade).

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Is there not a setting for hidden/reduced UI like there is for air and ground? If so there absolutely should be. Also the crew problem could literally be fixed buly just putting it in the damage replay box, get on it Gaijin.

The new HUD makes things too easy now, they may need to rename Arcade to Super Duperr Easy mode. No need to zoom in just fire and read the numbers for fall of shot, worked for me for multiple kills all at 5km+. Plus it works equally well regardless of line of sight limitations seemingly ignoring landmasses.

Worst part for me though is the shallow water warning…TOO BIG, too central. It’s not a warning but a distraction. When I have time I may go through the settings see if it can be modified, but I’m not hopeful.