New Naval bug?

Has anyone else been recently having issues where their ships just randomly start sinking?

On several occasions recently I have exchanged fire with an enemy vessel, not really taken any significant damage (certainly nothing is breached) but then out of nowhere I see my buoyancy drop like a rock as if my vessel has a huge hole in the hull.

Neither my repair nor pump icons are enabled at the time, so I can’t actually repair the buoyancy issue and the damage indicator for the vessel shows literally nothing damaged as if even the game itself registers I am not even damaged enough to take on water. Yet I am still sinking without the means to repair or pump the water out? My crew is not dead either.

In one game I literally got hit by a single shell and before I knew it I was at 57% buoyancy until I slammed my anchors on and sat like a sitting duck try to repair…nothing.

Has anyone else seen this?


after a set amount of damage, the ship become un-repairable, and will start to sink no matter what you repair.

That’s the point though, I haven’t taken any significant damage at all. In one case a single shell hit my heavy cruiser and despite not registering enough damage to warrant a repair icon to come up I started to sink and that was literally the first few minutes of leaving the spawn point so not like I took damage earlier or anything.

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It happened last week in my moffett, I still had sufficient crew to repair and normally it will say on the screen if the breach cannot be repaired.

Good point, I did not even see a warning about unrepairable breach either, so not sure what’s going on.

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Really need a reply to check.

After you notice your buoyancy dropping, stop the ship immediately. It will slow down your water intake. I had few cases where I didn’t have any major damage and was just going about when noticed that I’m fricken sinking. Stopped the ship and started leaning to the side, but my buoyancy stopped dropping. Sat there for at least 2 minutes before ship started to level off, but my buoyancy was still at about 70%. Just sat there behind a rock and shot at some random targets.
Nobody asked for this and it’s just another thing that can get broken with some unrelated update… just like the HE shell fiasco is atm.

If you look near the buoyancy numbers on the damage area, you may see irreparable breach. Is it in super dark red letters, but it can be a small shell hole rhat takes forever for you to sink.

This update has been great for everything except naval.
You’re probably a victim of the new damage mechanics that they’re using.
High explosive shells are shredding boats like crazy in most cases it’s one shot Wonder kills.

I understand they’re trying to make the game a little bit more realistic excetera but it’s Overkill it’s making the game on playable for example I had a match three boats in the spawn ammo racked instant death within not even 15 seconds of spawning the boats.

Navel was the one place where I could go and still have fun and not worry about playing against PC players who have the advantage over console players etc.

That’s basically the key binding issue where I’m saying PC over console.

I’m really disappointed in this update I’m hoping that they fixed the repair issue for example that never ends that you repair it and then it comes back up damaged again so when you actually get damaged again it’s got to repair that one item first then it’ll start the repair on the second item and so forth it’s like you’re getting double whammyed on your repairs

New update certainly has brought in a number of new naval bugs. I have seen an issue with never ending repair icons when the ship is not even damaged and getting enemies down to 0% and they all of sudden pop up to 11% and keep yo-yoing with every additional barrage.

I think I will need to get a replay of the issue I raise in this thread because you don’t get any unrepairable warning and the boat doesn’t even give you any repair/bail out icons despite the fact you are sinking.


I think its applying the “unrepairable breach” mechanic inappropriately and without telling the client to notify the player because…spaghetti code.

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They just did a patch or fix whatever you want to call it.
And I’m still getting the constant repair.

This navel update has some nice features in it but nice features don’t make up for s***** game play.

I’m very disappointed.
And I’ve considered going elsewhere to spend my money also it’s time to consider doing a chargeback on my credit cards.

Thank God American credit card laws favor the consumer.

I really hope they fix it cuz I do enjoy playing and and at the same time I don’t mind giving him my money as long as I’m enjoying it.

I’ve had multiple matches where I got the enemy supposedly to 0% and the ship was still alive for more than 10 seconds until the game ended and I got no kill. I really hope it’s a bug and the reported % is wrong. Very annoying, especially if they continue to shoot back at you with the HE fiasco.

Every time I logon there is a patch. lol.

If you chargeback you get your account perma banned.

I think they do not let you to buy anything again (at least with the same card).