New nation low tier

Ok so i want to grind a new nation other than israel, china, germany, usa, japan and get a good lineup of tanks at or below br 2.7. I really hate the long barreled panzer 4s and they should be a higher br. The F2 at 3.7 with the G and the H at 4.0. Anyway, reccomend me a good nation. Thanks.

France. Rank 1 of the French ground tree is hell but after that it becomes the most fun ground tree in the game until rank 8 because the Leclercs are in a very sorry state. Everything after rank 1 and before the Leclercs is fantastic though.


I had the most fun on low ranks with Britain.
They have the best rank 1 out there imo.
They also have majority of their own famous WW2 vehicles at rank 2


I find italy to be quite fun. The 47mm is a little low on pen, but its very potent. And the 90mm at br 4 absolutely slap the hell out of everything. Breda 501 can easily dominate the field.

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Love Sweden and Britain in Low tier.
If you hate the Germans so much play the British, they have some tanks that German players are notoriously bad at knocking out (Valentines, Mathildas, Churchills, and the other heavier tanks)

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Britain has best low tier imo


Well, depends on your play style. I personally do really good with Britain and Germany (And Sweden if the Premiums count). But of course with Germany you will lose more often because of brainded German Mains

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AMX-50 TO90 at 8.0:

Russia low tier is hilarious. T-34s are bounce houses.

Sweden is a laughing trip without end. Especially 3.3-4.3. You get a sampler of every nation’s best machines (a Sherman premium, a T-34/76, a long barrel Panzer IV) and then also the most undertiered machine ingame (SAV 20.12.48) and then the best sniper bar none (Pvkv II) and then the ability to ignore any armor you meet even up to 7.7 on a tank the size of a cockroach with enough gun depression to make British cry (Ikv 103).


Someone has a chart of win rates for each nation BR but i have lost it

I think the Dicker Max and other German TDs can easily give the Pvkv II a run for its money in that regard.

The Pvkv II has far better optics and a turret. The Max & Emil only excel at hill peeking, and the Ikv 103 is better than both in that regard while being a fraction of the size.

Play China. I’m really enjoying the low tier chinese vehicles.

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The Dicker gets way more pen and HE filler along with better gun depression. The zoom is 9.2x which is more than enough. The Dicker Max actually has the highest KD ratio of all my tanks

Reserve France used to be even worse lol

Because they are all American and Russian lol. Fr tho, there shouldn’t be US jet in the Chinese tt, especially not f-16. Ruins diversity of game and makes it less fun

You should try either sweden or ussr. USSR is goood all around and sweden is cool with early APDS in 1.0 but until you research Stridsvagn 74 its kinda painful like japan

If China used a vehicle in real life then I dont see any reasons to not add that vehicle in game.

But China never used f16, Taiwan did. And honestly Taiwan would fit better into USA tt instead of china

There’s nothing such as Taiwan. ROC is China and PRC is China as well. Both are real China.