New Maps PLEASE!

When Gaijin When will you actually start listening to your player base??? You’re maps are horribly designed and anything “new” is just a regurgitated old map shrunk in size or a new spawn point has been added with NO changes otherwise! you’re active base players are TIRED of the same maps over and over and over again! Please for the love of GOD allow player to help design some maps to be used maybe!


they first need to rehire the real map designers.


Not a single new map is an old map redesigned.
New maps are added constantly.
And no, player designed maps are as bad as legacy maps.

And the majority of those suck absolute ass.



So large balanced maps suck to you…
Found the 4 CQB lovers.

What map is balanced??


Every map that used to be decent has been shrunk, areas have now been placed into the red “no go zone” or they shrunk it and added a new spawn or the worst is they turned into a worthless snow map!


Only legacy maps, and only some of, from before 2018 “shrunk”, maps that were bad in design.
Which were never large maps to begin with.
Great balanced maps:
Test Site 2271 [small]
Red Desert [largest map in the game, players don’t like large maps]
Surroundings of Volokolamsk.
Second Battle of El Alamein.

Battle of Hurtgen Forest.
Sinai & Sands of Sinai.
Abandoned Factory.
Eastern Europe.
European Province.
Maginot Line.

All but Sands of Sinai, Maginot Line, and Euro Province are smaller than newer maps.
Aral Sea is the same size as Vietnam.

Yeah, there are objectively bad maps such as Poland, Jungle, Port Novo, and Middle East.
But they largely aren’t the newer maps.
Not even Sweden is bad, it’s just not good.

One thing: size does not direclty correlate with engagement distances. Breslau is a larger map area wise, but it is very much a short range CQC map, same with Sun City. Pradesh and Red desert are also fairly meh, they don’t have a ton of cover or spots you can go to.

IMO the desert only part of 2nd Battle of El Alamein is one of the best longer range maps ingame.

Gaijin also managed to make Fields of Normandy worse (they should get an award for that, its kinda impressive)

That still means that they got smaller due to random no-go zone placement. Several single cap variants of maps were shrunk (with 0 thought put into it), including Alaska, Hurtgen, Cargo Port, and Normandy. These are what people are talking about when they say maps are getting smaller. American Desert has been completely ruined because gaijin made it smaller and eliminated tactful flanking.

I have found alot of the newer maps to be fairly meh, with Sun City being by far the worst one.


CQC for tanks is block to block, which you can see on Breslau, but you can also shoot well over 200 meters on Breslau as well.
There are no minimum ranges for tanks, only maximum.
Red Desert is mostly cover, which has far more cover than El Alamein.

Fields of Normandy is better than before with less spawn camping.
Sun City is bad, but it’s not Campania bad.


Not big. Small. And is just a slight modification to Seversk, really.

Not new. This map’s been around for a few years now.

Not new. Just a re-work of an existing map.

Hot CQC mess with a south lane that just invites people to brawl around the square, a north lane that invites absolutely nothing, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny bit of inspired gameplay around B due to the canals.

You mean that map where south spawn can pretty much snipe out north spawn, plus approach to A, plus approach to C? Yeah great map design. Big balans!

Which has been in the game since ground forces released. So not new.

But I’m done talking to you, all you do is troll anyway so, enjoy! :)

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Red Desert was not in the game before 2021, so it’s new.
Pradesh has the same advantages for north and south.
And no, 2nd Battle has not been in the game since release.

The fact you claim the entire WT community trolls you is obvious trolling.
Your shilling for bad maps is obvious.
We get it, you hate every WT player and love bad maps.

It’s almost identical in layout, so I think of it as Seversk done right, especially the A spot. I hate Seversk but always enjoy Test Site.

Flanders is also pretty good. Though I wish it had a bit more sniping.

Iberian Castle tried to follow that same formula but failed at making the long range positions actually worth using in most mission types. C is still pretty good, but definitely a CQC map.

Golden Quarry, also a CQC map.

That’s all that’s been added for ground map wise over the past year I think, since before Golden Quarry we had the “winter maps”.

It’s a mixed bag. Still too much imbalance in favour of CQC over other playstyles, but much better than shrunk down older maps, so it gives me hope that future maps will not invariably suck.

Or even usable sizes.

I’ve been trying to explain this to Alvis for a long time, bringing up numbers as well, but the refrain on larger maps keeps right on going.

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Ehh… I hate both of them equally, does that count? :D

Maybe, I think what Flanders needs is a better B cap location - and maybe a few bits more cover here and there but overall I don’t think it’s too bad.

Agreed - although you can get your cheesy snipe on around the A cap line and that treed up area.

Yes - which is yet another in a line of CQC maps that doesn’t offer anything for multiple playstyles. Yes you can flank, sort of, but any flank is so easily countered it’s just not worth committing to it. In my opinion, anyway :)

The thing is though that the older maps themselves are also sections of the sim maps (see for instance the sim map for Sinai) - and all they really have to do is drop the sim map in ground RB rotation and you’d shut up half the forum. Unfortunately it’d also bring out the young’uns who have zero patience and can’t deal with having to (omg) drive for a minute before the action starts.

I’m not sure about future maps sucking, I think the chances of suck are pretty high given Gaijin’s recent spate of map changes to remove anything that isn’t meant to funnel you into CQC in the quickest way possible.

I mean, average match time these days is usually under 10 minutes (at 10.0+); and isn’t usually really decided on tickets anymore but on who brings more vehicles to the match. Used to be a time that on most maps (when they had their snipey/hidey spots) you could pull a win out of your collective hats even if half the team had already returned to garage because you could be a sneaky [bleeper] and get some (admittedly, cheesy) kills.

Or you could decide a match by being that guy way out on the flank taking out enemies on their way to the caps. Now, even that isn’t possible on a lot of maps where it used to be a prime tactic.

Anyway :) I should probably rant less…