New Maps in Ground Simulator Battles

Hi, personally dislike all the “new” maps that are in map rotation for groundSB. I think the old versions have been better looking at Port Novo and Mosdok for example. Also I really dislike, that they made almost all maps smaller. I think I never heard a Sim gamer wishing for smaller maps that end up in pressing W and Leftclick.
That said I would really appreciate a rollback of the Mappool.
What do my fellow GroundSB enjoyers think?

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yes, I also think the map designers work badly.

I would like lineup 1_1 to lineup 6_1 to use ww2 maps and lineup 8_2 to lineup 11_2 to use cold war maps.

it just feels like shit to drive through Vietnam or Sun City with a german Tiger tank. or to stroll through the map Sweden with a Panzer IV. this map really sucks. I wonder which developer is so unimaginative to choose undestroyed restaurants and starbucks as a backdrop for a tank battle. it feels like bad arcade.

I think new tank maps should be modeled after real battlefields again. for more tank battle feeling. and with a clear separation between ww2 and cold war.

here are the lineups and maps from the WT Wiki for a better overview:

Agreed (you also forgot about the weather where it is now much more likely than a few months ago to get conditions way too cloudy rendering any sort of air to ground operation next to impossible).

Now (and just rhetorically): on a scale from 1 to 10 how likely do you think it is that we get to see any sort of reaction from the devs?

Yeah, but it feels the weather got better after last major patch. I had almost 0 ocassions where I couldn’t go with my plane.