New map reworks and terrain removal are making maps even more unbalanced, we need more terrain elevation and cover

Howdy folks, this is a discussion about the state of maps in high tier ground realistic battles. I am posting this because the recent reworks of maps like Tunisia, Poland, Sands of Sinai, and others have not only made the maps worse, but even more unbalanced than they were before. To my knowledge the official stance on this from gaijin is that it makes the maps less camp-heavy and reduce the instances of cross-map sniping, but in my experience that just isn’t the case. The new reworks often remove terrain or play areas used by those who are grinding modifications for vehicles that are stock or still very new, and the removal of almost all elevation from these maps means that players who have a spaded vehicle are able to shoot across the map even further than before with no danger. Sands of Sinai has always been this way, but the removal of the raised narrow play area on the right side of the map exacerbated the problem and made the map a nightmare to play on without a rangefinder. Poland was not the most balanced map in the game for defending against snipers, but leveling almost the entire map and making it flat open fields made the camping problem even worse, as people never want to risk poking out of a ditch and being spotted from across the map. By far the worst was the removal of the large mountain from Tunisia. The mountain in the center of the map was a key position that would benefit the team who could keep ahold of the area, and allowed players to be rewarded for the hard fight to control it. The removal of the mountain makes the map nearly unplayable without a rangefinder and thermals, almost always favoring the players who purchased premium vehicles while being a death zone for anyone grinding stock tech tree vehicles incentivizing those players to leave the match immediately and hope for a better map when crew lock expires rather than getting spawn sniped from the enemy spawn 10 seconds after the game starts.
I really hope gaijin stops making horrible changes to maps under the excuse of “map balancing” and reconsiders how they should rebalance maps in the future, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

But I won’t just complain on and on without providing some kind of possible solution. Gaijin should add more cover and play areas to existing and upcoming maps. Use of cover allows players with stock or bottom-tier vehicles to minimize the disadvantage against other players by using smart positioning to take advantage of the strengths they do have. The lack of cover and elevation in top tier ground battles incentivizes players to camp for long durations of the game and get kills based on the incompetency of the enemy team, rather than getting kills as a reward for individual skill or smart positioning. We need more cover and playstyle variety allowed by the maps we play on, not brainless cross-map camping.

Do you agree with my opinion? Am I completely wrong? Let me know what you think.


The map changes are, at best, highly contentious.

There seems to be internal conflict within the development teams as on one hand you have the replication of real world functions in vehicles, while on the other hand you have maps designed to frustrate the use of those functions.

For example, laser rangefinders are redundant when engagements have been reduced to 500m. Wheeled and other fast vehicles designed for mobility and flanking have little use on maps designed to prevent flanking. Unarmoured AA cannot survive on small maps where you can shoot spawn-to-spawn.

Given the large number of posts complaining about these changes and asking for engagement with the customers, nothing has happened, apart from the continuation of these changes, allegedly “based on player feedback”…


The flattening will not be stopped.

No we simply can’t have hills, those are bad for russian tanks


I’ve yet to see a map lose terrain elevation.

Sands of Sinai, Tunisia, and Poland for example all gained terrain elevation.

Sands of Sinal lost its CQC area making the map open and long-range finally.
Tunisia lost its spawn killing positions and gained more hills.
Poland lost a lot of cross-map positions, gaining more hills.

Sands of Sinai has only ever been a long-range map this year.
It was a CQC map with extra steps originally.

So your claim is they hate Russia and that’s why they’re adding hills? K.

Updated Tunisia did, it is incredibly flat now. It also lost lots of cover around the B point, and got slightly smaller too. Same with Sands of Sinai, but that was a decent change, and there are still hills, but I would prefer if there were more.

Updated Poland is better, but Fields of Poland is terribly designed, because you can spawncamp the moment you spawn. It also feels much more open in some areas, which detracts from the amount of places you can safely go. Personally, I think that old Fields of Poland was much better.

They just keep making the maps worse and worse making it 1 flat coridoor, and always with the excuse of “Based on player feedback”. i never saw people complaining about maps and spots, all i see i people complaining about the shit changes they do for no reason.

at this point i believe they can do anything they want with just the excuse of “based of player feedback” which is non-existent.

Player feedback comes from the map like/dislike system. Most maps need to be changed in some way, but Gaijin gets no direct feedback on what needs to be changed. This leads to a disconnect between what players want, and what is actually donen

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