New map changes are terrible

Who made those changes on several maps that makes them like narrow corridors? Sands of Sinai map is absolutely terrible now. There are also matches with maps that have 2/3 of the area restricted. Who thought it was a good idea?




Its been a slowly worsening issue gaijin is pandering to the new players who cant stand sniping and need to hold W the entire game, tank engagement ranges are getting smaller and smaller and its negatively impacting some nations like britain where most of their high tier tanks are reliant on long range and become trash in CQC like the chieftains or challengers


Unpopular opinion:

The Sands of Sinai changes are good. You can play the objective without having to worry about power positions on the hills. It is also better because the hill can allow for very easy spawncamping.


The changes are not good all they serve to do is limit the engagement ranges it doesnt stop spawncamping at all nothing is stopping you from pushing into either spawn the most egregious example is this
Nobody should be looking at this as a good thing it doesn’t prevent spawncamping at all it just forces people into CQC i can only dread how bad its going to get when we get a limited size sweden or abandoned town


I never mentioned other changes.

The Sinai ones are the the best changes they have done recently, the rest are bad and should be reverted.

My other issue with changes is how arbitrary the out of bounds areas are, they don’t try and follow the roads or natural terrain.

The sinai ones arent good either they try to fix an issue that never existed the hill sniping spot, sure you can easily target people 2km away in the open areas but they can just as easily target you since you’re also in an open and elevated position pretty easy to spot if they truly wanted to fix a spawncamping issue they could just place rocks that block view into the spawn or add an additional third spawn that covers the hill area overall
its just a dumbing down of the maps to make them easier for the 1DL premium horde it seems to be a constant issue as of recent that non issues get made into issue’s the nerfing of SPAA was one recent example


Legit less than 6 maps were impacted; and of course large maps should succeed.
Also you forget that T-72s become worse in CQC.

Also having height advantage in tanks is just as good as infantry having advantage.

Edit: Now that I have time to add more.
Of the few bad changes to legacy maps, I think they were made incorrectly for the size they were initially.
After all we got good changes to Fields of Normandy and Sands of Sinai, two maps that are still very large to this day.

I don’t think the trend will continue as I don’t think there are maps that were as badly designed as standard Normandy made anymore.


On another note one thing they 100% should do which would solve the spawncamping issue without shrinking maps is allow both sides to spawn across a respective line whereby they can choose their exact spawn


Once again being attacked for wanting large maps to succeed…
Sorry, but I and the other large map enjoyers are correct @Nano_gaming765
We are not all wrong. We are not on the wrong side of the argument.
We are not “disingenuous”.

Sorry, but we have NEVER lost the argument.
I’d rather die on the hill of defending large maps than change a position like you just did.


we need 10 mile maps with more things to do and more players boom no more CAS issues no need to buff or nerf etc

No we don’t. Tank engagement range is only 0 - 2.5 miles.
However, we do need more 3 - 4 km maps.
And maybe one 5-6ish km map.

its a game not real life the stuff in this game are novel and make it unique period

fun > some hyper realistic applications

Jesus 2nd reply and you’re already trying to gaslight me again is this a new record in your stupidity

Of course not, they destroyed the map and now is another stupid urban fighting map more.

You can avoid spawncamping if you kill the flankers first.


i made a post about this ill put it here

imagine rolling into an area 10 miles out of the Normandy map engaging objectives destroying other players and AI AT/AAA placements etc then onto the next area a few miles away and so on until you get to the beach of Normandy where now you can also spawn in naval ships

so much better than non pickable same game mode small maps we have

just high powered rifles sittin on tin cans doing the point and click “see first shoot first kill first” 1km or less away spiel endlessly currently

this requires more players and also allows more spawn ins (remove SP)


Dude, no one is trying to gaslight you.
Being told your posts are wrong is not gaslighting; It is however gaslighting to claim that being wrong makes one mentally unwell.
Calling other people delusional would be gaslighting.

You are perfectly of mind IMO.
People are of perfect mind even if their posts have wrong information.

So essentially a rehash of the old breakthrough like gamemode from years back its a good idea if they add some truly large maps