New Locations: Mysterious Valley and Bering Sea!

Today we’re going to be showing you two new locations that are coming in the next major update: Mysterious Valley for Aircraft Battles, and Bering Sea for Naval Battles!

Meet Mysterious Valley!


Hello pilots! This new location is set in the mountainous part of Southeast Asia. A large rock massif is divided by a deep gorge, which is going to be your main landmark. Situated approximately in the middle of the gorge is a hydroelectric power station, which is the main energy resource of this area. You’ll find several towns within the mountains, and downstream to the West of the hydroelectric dam, there’s a mountain village with a river market.

The main strategic points here is a large spaceport complex in the northern part of the location, and to the south of the city there’s a giant radio telescope reflector, clearly visible in any weather and from any altitude.

Meet Bering Sea!


This new location for naval battles is bringing you to the harsh north. The designers of this location tried to create a collective image of the surroundings of the islands in southern Alaska and the main attraction of the region, the Islands of Four Mountains. This is a group of four active volcanoes situated right in the middle of the sea!

This location has a seascape with decent cover, where smaller ships and boats can maneuver around, while bigger ships will take duels on the open sea.

Both of these new locations will be added to the map rotation with the release of the next major update. Keep an eye out for more news about what’s coming in this update on our website.


Gorgeous maps!

What is the size of Mysterious Valley?

The air map looks pretty good, a lot of terrain to hide behind.


Looks like quite a fun ARB map

Bering Sea - just pictures of a few coastal rocks that look like what I could take pictures of just a short walk from home. Why not show a map even if it is still being fine tuned?

But even so new maps are always welcome, especially if it’s a decent mixed coastal /Bluewater that doesn’t overly favour one side or type. And even better as it’s not another blank encounter circle.

Any Bering Sea for Aircraft Battles? ♪A burst of impassioned music♪


They look very nice! Always happy to see new mountainous air maps, perhaps a new ground map designed for top tier next? 👀

Why add map with a dam but not make it breakable?

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Beautiful looking air map, great job.

No offense, but map designers of yours did a terrible job in picking up spot for new map

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Maybe because if it was done in small time most players would have this?

Theres reasons we have ultra low “potato” graphics mode.

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If this map is drawn based on the Three Gorges Dam in China, it would be too narrow
The real dam is much wider

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I roughly edited it with PS

add some photos taken during the trip



Sadly we cant do the funni

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How Gaijin thinks a naval map should be announced…

'Welcome to “SW Approaches” (aka a few spare aquarium bits from my local area) . It got all the bits you need - rocks n water. An actual map? chance.

Honestly they needn’t have bothered. Maybe next time make a video for a fly around and post that instead.


I mean… I don’t play naval but isn’t that what an ocean is? A bunch of water with some rocks in it?


Don’t tell noncredibledefense about the dam

Oh cool. Are we going to get objetives that interact with the map itself like bust the dam, or is this just another map that gets the generic points on random places of the map for us to press space bar on?

More than just rocks and water when you want to live and fight on it. Sometime the order of them counts.

Is an air map literally just air,

or a ground map sold by pictures of random bits of the ground? (censored, pic to dirty to post!)

*oops, accidently posted the air map rotated 180 degrees.

Will this new naval map include AI units, such as coastal defence guns or anti-aircraft artillery units?

This is the kind of air maps I like, with lots of terrain to use!