New Location: Volcano Valley for Aircraft

In the next major update, we’ll be bringing you a cool new aircraft location inspired by the nature in Kamchatka, which is a peninsula located at the very edge of Russia. Today we’ll be taking a look at this new location with some words from one of its designers, Pavel.

Meet Volcano Valley!

Volcano Valley is going to be a new aircraft location that will be added to the map rotation when the next major update is released. This brand-new location has a nice mix of beautiful areas, as it features several erupting volcanoes that are spewing hot lava and smoke, beautiful lakes and rocks, plus small islands and majestic hills.

One of the coolest areas of this location is the volcanic massif, consisting of a group of volcanoes that contrast with a picturesque valley where endless birch forest groves stretch. Passing through the center is the beautiful meandering, fast-moving Kamchatka River that also has nearby crystal clear lakes, as well as swampy pools.

Near the volcanoes is a dead forest, which is a rather atmospheric place. This is due to the result of an eruption that turned part of the area with trees into a scorched forest. A layer of ash covers the soil here, and it’s mixed with burnt out lifeless tree trunks that have remained for several decades.

This corner of pristine nature and volcanic eruptions has now become a battlefield of opposing forces for air superiority. You’ll be able to fly out your aircraft on this new location when the new major update releases!


Will this be an all-BR map?

Also, does the eruptions damage aircraft? :)

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Very nice.

What size does the map have?

And will it be available also for Sim EC?


World Heritage comes to Warthunder!

Excuse me, when will the game graphics be updated?

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Why would it need an upgrade? Last big Dagor Engine update is from june 2022 (Dagor 6.5)

Don’t expect it to Change most of the visuals, since those are set by textures,… are you asking for a whole new Texture definition? Enjoy to wait 4 years without any other update in between.

The game is from mid 2013, the number of texture to update is insanely high,…

Does the ashes damage the engine??

I don’t mean the engine, I mean high quality and cinematic quality for gaming nowadays, and it just looks too blurry in the distance

Was thinking the same thing. We need more maps, but they come so rarely

no historical map again such as Tokyo and Falkland Islands?
Really bruh


That’s about resolution,… therefore the game is normalized through, as Within visual range is set to be 12km for bomber, 8km for lighter mono engine fighter (as dot) then have a similar to 1/x curv ratio depending on how close you’re.

Instead of a new map for Air, where the map is the least important aspect of gameplay compared to other game modes, I’d rather see some changes that would effect gameplay more

Such as multiple airfields to spawn from or air spawns that are spread out over a bigger area.
I think these changes would be relatively simple and help with ARB, particularly top tier ARB

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Very cool. I hope SimEC gets it.

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why not add Norway as an ARB map?, its big enough for top tier, could have ships to destroy, has lots of useful terrain, the only problem i might see is airfields but they can be and have been created out of thin air before, plus carriers could be an option which would be nice for achievements such as ‘kraken’ which can only really be achieved in sim rn seen as you get wake island so rarely

Norway could be a good map if they made it 50x50. A smaller version of Denmark would be great as well

Does flying through the ash cloud affect your aircraft? Similar to trying to drive through a deep river in ground your engine suffocates?

I really wish that maps went back to depictions of real places instead of depictions of pretend real places. I feel like if a Berlin map was made nowadays it would be called “Central European City” or something like that, and for a game that at least markets itself to being historical, these kinds of maps seem out of place.

Big tip: Get a 1440p monitor, it does A LOT for graphics.